Bishop Kelley High School serves Catholic and non-Catholic families seeking a college preparatory program within a Christian environment of concern, trust and growth. All students are met at their own academic level where they, with the help of Bishop Kelley faculty and staff, strive to realize their God-given potential.

Brother Bernardine Scholars

The Brother Bernadine Scholars Program is a comprehensive, four-year enrichment program providing opportunities and expectations that encourage intellectually talented students to maximize their God-given potential.

Course Catalog

The Bishop Kelley curriculum consists of a required course of studies believed to be essential to a Christian liberal arts education, plus additional courses designed to accommodate the unique needs and interests of the individual student. Our broad and challenging curriculum, taught by highly qualified faculty, inspires students with a range of abilities to achieve academic excellence.

Academic Support

All students at Bishop Kelley High School are entitled to a quality, Catholic education, In keeping with this philosophy, academic support is available to all students. These programs include Math Lab, Writing Lab, and IConnect. Students in need of academic support are expected to complete the regular coursework with minimal accommodations. Modifications to coursework will not be a component.