As a student at Bishop Kelley, I am part of a great, strong community of students and educators. There are a lot of activities that all Comets can participate in together. There is a niche community for everyone at BK, whether you're interested in joining a sport, being a leader in student council, singing in an all-school musical, volunteering in your community, or establishing a club of your own.

One of the most influencial elements of attending Bishop Kelley High School is its spiritual impact on my life. I love that I can practice my faith in a safe environment and further my knowledge about Catholicism, and even though Bishop Kelley is a Lasallian Catholic school, students of all faiths are welcome to attend.

Bishop Kelley is a life preparatory school. Our teachers are here to help us excel academically, spiritually, and grow personally. Bishop Kelley has shown me how to be the best version of myself that I can be. I have learned so much beyond academics and I am well prepared for what lies next for me in my academic career. You will not find a more positive, loving, happy school in the state. Bishop Kelley is unique in so many ways from the students to the faculty, to all the activities; you can't find another school like BK. 

I hope you consider joining us in the Bishop Kelley family!  


Joe O'Connor '20

Student Council President