Dear Prospective Employee,

Thank you for your interest in a professional position at Bishop Kelley High School. Our website allows you to acquire general information about our school and its mission and learn what we are looking for in a prospective employee. Below you’ll find links to current openings and job descriptions.

Once you familiarize yourself with our school and mission and determine that you are interested in a...teaching/administrative, substitute (short or long-term), or coaching position at Bishop Kelley, the first step is to email a Cover Letter and Resume (See below).

Once a review of cover letters and resumes is completed from those received, a pool of candidates will be asked to formally apply.  You will be contacted and provided access to the application materials on our website. Once you access the materials, carefully follow the instructions for the application process and any position-specific information requested.

As a Catholic and Lasallian high school, we first and foremost hire for mission. We expect that professionals who submit a cover letter and resume are appropriately qualified for a position with the necessary degree, certification (as necessary) and appropriate experience. Specifics regarding a position will be included in the job description. If you are not compatible and not comfortable with our educational ministry, then please do not submit your cover letter and resume. Bishop Kelley High School is an outstanding educational environment in which to work and minister to the youth of the Diocese of Tulsa. Thank you again for your interest in Bishop Kelley, and I wish you the best in your career pursuits.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Gary Kastl, President

All open employment opportunities are listed below.

For questions, email

To learn more about working at Bishop Kelley High School, please visit the links below.

Faculty Opportunities


Email cover letter and resume to

Paraeducator Job Description

Staff Opportunities

Freelance Marketing & Communications Specialist

Email cover letter and resume to

Freelance Marketing & Communications Specialist Job Description
Maintenance Lead, temporary to full-time

Email cover letter and resume to

Maintenance Lead Job Description
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Email cover letter and resume to

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Job Description

Email cover letter and resume to

Tutor Job Description

Daily/Long-Term Substitute Opportunities

  • Class Monitor: Monitors are used In the event that the teacher is working remotely while students are at school. 

    • Requirements: High school graduate at least 21 years old

    • Pay: $20 per class per day (Three classes possible)

  • Substitute Teacher: Comes into the classroom and carries out lesson plan for short term

    • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree 

    • Pay: $25 per class per day (Three classes possible)

  • Long Term Substitute (10 days or more): Makes a longer commitment which usually includes instruction, guiding and grading, following the teacher’s vision and direction.  The teacher still drives planning and assessments.

    • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree required

    • Pay: $33 per class per day (Three classes possible)

  • Teacher of Record: A teacher who comes in and carries out all aspects of a class from grading to planning to assessment and instruction.

    • Requirement: Bachelor's degree required

    • Pay: $45 per class per day (Three classes possible)


If you would like to apply, please email Ursula Kinzer, Executive Assistant at and the necessary forms to apply will be sent to you. 

Coaching Opportunities

Baseball Assistant Coach (2)
Girls Soccer Assistant Coach
Assistant Swim Coach  

All interested applicants should contact Athletic Director Lance Parks at