Bishop Kelley offers a sequenced retreat program correlating with the developmental stages of the student. Each retreat provides content and experiences that are relevant to young people at a given age, and the content of each retreat lays the groundwork for the next year’s retreat offering. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in the retreat program as a way to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives and to discover a new dimension to their faith lives. Opportunities for leadership roles are available to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated an interest in retreat ministry and who want to share those opportunities with others. Retreat fees vary from one retreat to another depending on the length of the retreat. Financial aid is always available for those who need it. Contact Jerri Berna or the faculty retreat director for information regarding financial aid.

Freshman Retreats

Freshman Retreats are focused on the development of one’s relationship with both God and peers. Self-confidence, spiritual development and finding balance in one’s life in the context of family, school and friends are key elements of these retreats. Prayer and reliance on God provide a framework for understanding and dealing with these issues. The freshmen meet in small groups for talks, discussion and a variety of activities.

Sophomore Retreats

COR for Sophomore Boys

Held at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch in Avant, Oklahoma, COR (Latin for “heart”) is an overnight retreat focused on many issues that young men face during high school. This is a great opportunity for boys to experience God in a different way, with the guidance of senior Bishop Kelley students who help with the retreat. The retreat is focused on decision-making, trusting others and communication of that trust. All sophomores boys are invited and encouraged to attend, but we are limited to 50 participants. Cost for the retreat is $75. Financial aid, based on need, is available by contacting Sarah Dicks

COR for Sophomore Girls

This overnight retreat focuses on decision-making skills, understanding God’s presence in our lives and what this means as the young woman grows. The retreat is facilitated by senior girls. All sophomore girls are invited and encouraged to attend. The cost for the retreat is $75. Contact the Campus Ministry Office for additional information. If you are interested in purchasing a COR hoodie, the cost is an additional $25. Any payment over the actual cost will be applied to a fund for students who would like to attend retreats but are unable to for financial reasons. Financial aid, based on need, is available by contacting Sarah Dicks.

Junior Retreats

The Search Retreat Program is a weekend retreat that begins Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. The Search Retreat is a time for juniors to prayerfully examine their relationship with God, their friends and their family. This retreat points leads to the kind of discovery that can only occur if they completely get away from their regular daily lives.

The Search Retreat Program is facilitated across the country in different schools and dioceses. The overall theme of the retreats is similar, but every Searcher (students attending Search) finds something different about themselves. The retreat is led by a mix of juniors and seniors that have participated in the retreat themselves. Every junior is encouraged to participate in a Search Retreat. Each retreat is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students must plan according to their own schedules and other commitments if they want to attend. There are three opportunities to attend a Search Retreat each year. Dates for the Search Retreat program are available to students at orientation and are listed below. The cost is $150, and financial aid is available based on need. For further information, contact Sarah Dicks.

Senior Retreats


The three-and-a-half-day Kairos retreat is a focused experience centered on the individual’s relationship with God and His presence in his or her life. The word Kairos is derived from the Greek word meaning “the Lord’s time” and directs the attention of the retreatant clearly to the purpose of the retreat.

The first Kairos retreat at Bishop Kelley was held in 1992. Students who have participated in this retreat find that it is one of the most significant events of their time at Bishop Kelley. All seniors, regardless of denomination, are encouraged to attend. Dates for the retreat are available at the beginning of the school year. Spaces are limited for each retreat and these are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $200, and financial aid is available based on need. For further information, contact