Morning Prayers

Monday, January 10: Anna Dale '22

Today we pray for the grace to be aware of God’s love for each one of us, for consolation for those who mourn for their deceased loved ones, for the Freshman and sophomore basketball teams playing later today, and for 4 special intentions. 

In Ephesians 5:17 we are instructed “So do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” As the day that I am expected to decide where I want to go to college approaches, I have begun to question the difference between what I want with my future and what the Lord wants me to do. I have questioned the difference between the two before and I know I will question them again but this verse has helped me realize that I can’t overthink what the Lord wants me to do, but that I need to sit down and just listen to Him because that’s when he makes his will known. The way the Lord speaks to each of us is different but today I challenge you to just be still and listen to Him with no distractions. Freshmen listen for Him to guide you through high school and all of the various challenges that you are faced with in the next few years; Sophomores listen for Him to guide you through your last semester as an underclassmen; Juniors listen for Him to guide you through the college application process; and Seniors listen for Him to guide you as you decide what your future holds. 

Let us pray, Dear Lord, help me to understand your will for all things. Don’t let my desires blind me to your will, give me peace with whatever your plan for me is. Help me to walk in the paths that You have laid out in front of me and lead me through the narrow gate. 

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen

Tuesday, January 11: Lily Stuckey '22

Today we pray for the grace to be patient with ourselves and others, for those who are searching for the truth, for the JV and Varsity Basketball teams playing later today, and for 4 special intentions!  

Les Brown once stated, “In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” Positivity can change your outlook on the day. By having positive thoughts you yourself will be a happier person, and you can brighten the day of others around you. We have 1,440 minutes today to make a difference in the lives of your classmates. Positivity in our community could look like giving someone a simple smile, enjoying the unexpected, and motivating those around you. By doing these things we are doing what we are called to do by Jesus. Bishop Kelley, I challenge you to take advantage of all 1,440 minutes today to make a positive impact in our community. 

Lets us pray, God we thank you for all the blessings in life you have given us. Please help us to make a positive impact on our community as we go throughout the day. Please help us to grow closer to you in everything we do. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Friday, January 14: Madalene Baeher '22

Today we pray for the grace to embrace our gifts and talents as well as our imperfections, for those who are struggling with self-image, for the basketball teams playing later today, and for 4 special intentions. 

This past Saturday, I went to the Sacrament of Confession at my Church. The priest that heard my confession was visiting Tulsa from North Carolina. He was super kind, and I loved getting to talk with him! Before I gave my confession, we chatted for a minute. We talked about my plans for the future and some of our favorite things. The priest then said, “How do you think God sees you?” I said, “I know that He loves me because He loves all of us.” He then asked the question, “Do you think God likes you?” I responded saying, “Sometimes!” He then laughed and said, “No, God likes you ALL OF THE TIME because you are His beloved daughter with whom He is well pleased.” The priest followed up with a few silly questions or at least questions that I thought were silly at first. He asked me if I liked pizza… and I said yes. He also asked me to tell him the name of one music artist that I liked… and I said, "Lauren Daigle." Then he said, “Well, guess what, God likes pizza and Lauren Daigle too simply because you do, and He never wants you to change who you are because He not only loves you, but He is well pleased with you too.” Let that sink in… We are God’s beloved sons and daughters with whom He is well pleased. We were made by Him, for Him and His glory, not our own. Always remember that our loving Father meets us exactly where we are and wants us exactly as we are, no matter how imperfect we may feel.

Comets, today I encourage you to dive deeper in discovering how God sees YOU!

Let us Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for meeting us where we are and for loving us no matter what. Help us to learn how to see ourselves and others in the same way that you view us. When we are feeling down or searching for validation in worldly things help us remember that we are your beloved children and that you are always proud of us.