Morning Prayers

Monday, October 18: Addie Gehring '22

Today we pray for the grace to deepen our relationship with God, for those who are struggling with mental illnesses, for the JV football team and volleyball team competing in the state match, and for 4 special intentions. 

In the popular musical Hamilton there is a song with the line “take a break.” When watching the performance, I was always conflicted at this scene. Yes, Hamilton should spend time with his family, but he also had a duty to the people. I could never decide if he should put his political life on hold to connect with his kin, or  if he should keep chugging along and try to help the general population. While I am no Alexander Hamilton, I can relate to his situation as I’m sure many of you can as well. We are constantly trying to do everything and can often lose sight of our priorities. For me, I want to receive good grades, succeed in both my sports, finish homework on time, build a strong friendship with God, spend time with my family, and complete college applications. With all of this on my plate I often get overwhelmed by everything going on, so my solution is to complete things that will immediately affect me such as school work and sports. Unfortunately, this means two of the most important things in my life- God and family- get pushed aside. With our constantly busy lives it is hard to take a step back and realize the truly important bonds in life. Being a straight A student doesn’t mean I get a fast pass to heaven, just like losing a soccer game doesn’t mean I’m eternally doomed. What matters is learning to see God in our lives and trying to forge a relationship with Him. If we take a break and put God first, everything falls into place. So Bishop Kelley, I encourage you all to take this new quarter to reset your priorities. Find out what is important to you and your future and see how a relationship with God can help you achieve these goals. 

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, we pray that we can build or strengthen our relationship with you. We pray that when things get hard we can find you working in our lives and know that with you by our side everything can be put in perspective. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

Tuesday, October 19: Madalene Baehler '22

Today we pray for the grace to recognize God in each other and in nature, for the afghans as they seek refuge and protection, for the freshman football team playing later today, and for 4 special intentions. 

Mother Teresa is one of my favorite saints. She is such an inspiration to me because of the beautiful and humble way that she loved all of the people in her life. She even gave up her entire life to love and serve those who had no one else to love and serve them. Wow, imagine how beautiful the world would be if each one of us lived more like her! She often spoke about loving family. One of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa is “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.” No matter who you are and how awesome or not so awesome your family is, it can be difficult to love them sometimes, but while this task can be difficult, it is oh so important. In the presence of our families is where we learn to love. Our family members were created to love us no matter what. Not only are they called to love us always and forever, but we are also called to love them no matter what. Even when our parents tell us we have to stay home when we don’t want to or when our siblings are driving us crazy, always remember and try your best to share love with them for all of the beautiful blessings and the lovely life that they provide you with.

BK, today I challenge you to complete a small act of kindness that will help your family know how much you love them!

Let us pray: Dear God, Thank you for the gift of our families. Provide us with the strength to constantly show our love to them, even when it is hardest. Thank you for showing your love to us through them and their actions. Help us to love each of our family members in the beautiful way that you love us. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Monday, October 25: Sully Barbour '23

Today we pray for the grace to place our trust and confidence in the Lord, for those who participate in the Blood Drive, and 4 special intentions. 

In the Gospel reading for today, Jesus healed a crippled woman who had been ill for a long time. Jesus gave her the strength and ability to stand straight and glorify God.

Today, as we start this week at BK, let us all remember that no matter how tough things are,  or if we are feeling bad, God is always there to help us move forward.  So BK, let us all stand tall like the crippled woman, do the right thing, and give glory to God!

Tuesday, October 26: Allison Brewer '22

Today we pray for the grace to resist temptations, for the refugees who seek shelter and protection, and for 4 special intentions.

Have you ever been told by someone to not stop trying or to never give up? But in your mind, all you want to do is throw in the towel, especially if it’s something you never really looked forward to in the first place. You think that by quitting your life will be easier, and you can start focusing on something that you actually enjoy doing more. Sometimes nowadays, we get scared of a thing that people like to call effort. Classes are now back in person, and we, as students at least, have to start trying again in our schoolwork and have to start actually paying attention in class. Sometimes or more like most of the time, teenagers groan at the idea of tasks that take time and thinking. There are so many other things that we would rather do during the day than go to school. We could be sleeping, on our phones, hanging with friends, or anything else that typical teens do in their free time. If we could quit school without being disowned, I think that many of us would. But if we quit school, then that means we won’t create a stable foundation for ourselves. And it’s hard to get a well-paying job without a degree. Same thing with our faith. It is so much easier to not practice our faith. We could sleep in on Sundays instead of going to Mass. We could stop participating in the Sacraments like Confession. We could save time by not praying for any reason. But what do we earn from this? These might seem trivial now, but these are a few things that are eventually going to get us to our Salvation. But we can’t stop trying now even though it seems far away. This is when we should start to create habits, and we start to build a relationship with God now. We see our end goal, but let’s not cut ourselves short because it seems hard. The best things in life will take effort to get there. So I challenge you BK, to not quit and to keep trying for the rewarding end.

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for your strength to help us not give up on trying to seek you, and we ask for your guidance to show us the right path to you. And please watch over us as we continue to grow in our faith and your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Wednesday, October 27: Maddy Knapp '22

Today we pray for the grace to find joy in little things that we do, for those who are struggling with mental illnesses, and for 4 special intentions. 

Have you ever questioned why God brings pain and suffering into our lives? Over the past month I have thought about this and have been talking about it at lunch with Fr. Duy. Many people turn away from the faith because they do not understand why a God who loves us would make us feel pain. Pain is needed though for growth and to help us truly see God. If we are not at our lowest and feeling absolutely hopeless, then we cannot be pushed to the point to reach out to God. Oftentimes we don’t pray to or think about God, until something awful goes on. Then we seek his help and pray that He makes the situation better. Without us experiencing this pain, we may not form a deeper relationship and understanding for the Lord. Our love grows tremendously when we see Him lift us up out of the despair we are feeling. Going through pain can also bring us closer together with the people around us. Many people bond over shared experiences they have gone through such as death, divorce, or sickness. It establishes a deeper relationship than those you have with others because that person truly knows how you feel. God implements pain in our lives to help us bond to each other and to strengthen and deepen our relationship with Him. So Kelley, don’t question why God is putting you through these hard times, but think about the growth that's coming from this experience. 

Let us Pray: Dear God, be with us in our most troubling times and help us to lean on you during the times we are at our lowest. Bring us clarity in these situations to take this despair and to strengthen our relationship with you. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. 

Thursday, October 28: Lily Stuckey '22
Today we pray for a greater awareness of the dignity of each human person, for those who are struggling with chronic illnesses, and for 4 special intentions.

Today is October 28th, 2021, the feast day of two apostles of Jesus. Take a second to try and think of which two apostles you think this might be? Some might have guessed one of the gospel writers, such as John, Mark, or Matthew. In all actuality, this is the feast day of Saint Simon the Zealot and Saint Jude. Both of these apolostes are not as well known as other apostles, however there is an important lesson to be learned from these two. We are faced with two men who are for the most part unknown to us in our day to day lives. We might not be able to off the top of our head acknowledge a specific deed they did that changed the life of another person or recite a bible verse that they have written. Yet, we should strive to emulate them. We should strive to follow in Christ’s footsteps and seek goodness in the world, just as these two apostles did, doing it not for status or remembrance but from our hearts. We too should do an act of kindness for someone out of the goodness of our hearts each day. Through doing this we are true disciples of Christ living as God calls us to. Bishop Kelley, I challenge you to do one small act of kindness today. Even if it is simply holding the door for someone, we are following in Christ’s footsteps towards goodness.

Let us Pray, God thank you for giving us Christ to look up to. Please help us realize the importance of kindness and guide us to make the right decisions today. Let us live in harmony with family and friends and let us show kindness to everyone we meet. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

Tuesday, November 2: Sully Barbour '23

Today is the feast of All Souls, or All Souls’ Day. We pray for our loved ones who have died, for those who mourn for the loss of their family members, and for 4 special intentions. 

When we die, our soul continues to live, and that is what makes it possible for us to go to heaven.

Many people die with a lesser sin, and their soul waits in Purgatory. 

Today is the day that we honor and pray for ALL who have died, especially those who have not made it to heaven yet.

Celebrating All Souls’ Day should not be sad or scary but a special day to remember and pray for our loved ones that are no longer with us.

Today let us pray that through the mercy of God all souls will now rest in peace.

Thursday, November 4: Jacob Chapple '22

Today we pray for the grace to resist temptation, for a greater awareness of the dignity of each human person, and for 4 special intentions. 

The 5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross.

Reflecting on this station from stations of the cross, I can’t help but think, “wow, what a great friend Simon is, helping his friend in a time of need.” I realized from this station the many people who are like Simon in my life and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by many people with characteristics similar to Simon’s in my life. We all have our cross that we carry and the things we are struggling with, but the people we surround ourselves with can help make our burdens feel so much lighter. God sent us all to be like Simon, helping each other on our path to heaven and making our lives easier. Bishop Kelley, think about the Simon’s in your life who help you carry your cross or reflect on whether the people you encounter are helping you carry your cross or making it even heavier. I challenge you today to be selfless and helpful to others by helping them and checking up on them, just as Simon did to Jesus , and to thank those who are there for you and help you in your hard times.

Let us pray, Heavenly Father, may we see you working in our lives through the many great friends and helpers you have sent to us and may we, through your grace, be the light of Christ to others, for the glory of your name. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

Friday, November 5: Madison Duckworth '23

Today we pray for those who participate in the First Friday Adoration, for the grace to deepen our relationship with God, for the football and cheer team and student councils at the state convention this weekend, and for 4 special intentions. 

So, whatcha thinking about? What did you have for breakfast? How's the homework you forgot to do? What about your plans for the weekend? Our minds seem to constantly be spinning with thoughts of concern, worry, and our anxieties. But, why are our minds constantly running? I personally like to be one step ahead of the game. I tend to try and work on things ahead of time so that they are out of sight out of mind. But, this can sometimes become problematic. Every so often I will find myself working on things I don’t need to focus on for a while; weeks, months, years ahead. I can also tend to not focus on the things that are due now, and only work on the future. Not long ago, I discovered a technique to help me focus on the now. I simply say “Lord, show me what to do”. It is as simple as that, kind of. You see, sometimes a simple prayer is all we need to release us from our mental spinning. These few words can allow our minds and body to be at ease. We can fully open our hearts and minds to what the spirit is telling us. “Don’t worry about tomorrow,” Jesus tells us. “Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” The Lord will always provide for us. There is so need to worry, for He will guide us. So BK, I encourage you to be present in the gift of each moment. Allow yourself to be open to the gift of God’s loving care one moment at a time. 

Let us pray: Dear Lord, allow me to live in the moment. Give me the strength so focus on your presence in the present. I want to experience the greatest gift of all. You. Moment by moment. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Friday, November 12 - Halle Harman '22

Today we pray for grace to live in the present moment, for those who are suffering from depression, for the football and cheer team competing at state this weekend, and for 5 special intentions. 

As I was on my way to school this week, my radio started playing a song by Maverick City Music. If you know me, you know how big of a fan I am of this group. One of my favorite songs by them is called “Wait On You.” As I was listening to the lyrics, I took a deeper understanding of what the song has to say. The lyrics go like this, “God, if You said it, You’ll perform it.. May not be how I want You to.. But here’s what I’ll do. I’m gonna wait on you.”

You guys, I want you to take a second and figure out what these lyrics mean to you. For me, these lyrics hit home. I find myself in adversity thinking how is this a part of God’s plan? How will I get through hard times? But, I find peace knowing that if God said it, He WILL perform it. I may not like how things play out, but I will have patience and wait to see the greater plan. I will wait on him.

I challenge you to find the patience to wait. He will pull through. Take a deep breath and remember that everything is going to be okay. 

Lord, I come to you today asking you to feel the hearts of the students with peace. Allow us to find faith in your promises. Open our eyes to the unseen, and allow your spirit to move through us today. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Tuesday, November 16 - Allison Brewer '22

Today we pray for the grace to keep the Holy Presence of God in our lives, for those who are searching for the truth, and 4 special intentions. 

Waiting for something is a very common part of life. We have to wait for grades to be posted, for our turn to buy food from the vending machines, and even for underclassmen to move when they crowd the hallways. The waiting game begins to become boring and tedious, and we start making our own solutions to our problems. However, sometimes those solutions are not necessarily the correct way to deal with something. We begin cutting people in lines for food or shoving our way through congested spaces to get to where we need to be. Now, does this allow us to get what we want quicker? Yes. Is what we’re doing the best choice? Probably not. These examples are pretty insignificant in the long run. So what if every now and then, we cut lines or shove a couple of people in the hallways. We may be able to cut corners in these situations, but in situations that include our practices of faith, these small habits take on bigger consequences. We are waiting to rejoin God, at some point, in Heaven, but we need to prepare ourselves to be ready to meet Him. Continuously participating in the faith is difficult sometimes because we don’t always see or feel instant results. However, we just need to stick with it. We should continue praying, attending Church, receiving the Sacraments, and more. We are not going to earn our Salvation by cutting corners. And it’s never too early or late to start creating these habits. We just need to make sure that we are executing them correctly and not taking the lazy way out. And we are fully capable of implementing patience and strength to accomplish our goal. Because in the end, the reward is worth the wait and hard work.

Let us pray, Lord, thank you so much for being so patient with us, even when we cut corners. You patiently wait for us and are so ready to welcome us back when we turn to you. Help us Lord to be intentional in building your relationship and allow us to respond to your love by loving those around us. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

Monday, November 22 - Madalene Baehler '22 

Today we pray for the greater awareness of His holy Presence in our midst, for safety for those who are traveling this week, for those who struggle with their mental illnesses, and for 4 special intentions. 

This weekend, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity of attending KAIROS 114. For those of you who do not know what KAIROS is, it is a senior retreat in which both Bishop Kelley and Casica seniors may participate. If you have not ever been on a BK retreat or have not had the chance to yet, I would highly encourage you to do so because it might just be the thing that transforms you for the rest of your life and strengthens you in your walk with God. This weekend I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I felt an abundance of love of joy during every single moment of the weekend. I am so thankful for each person that I got to spend it with. One of my favorite aspects about this retreat was the sense of community that it provided me with. I got to form many new friendships and strengthen the ones that I had already developed prior to the retreat. It is incredibly easy to get so caught up in ourselves and what we need to do, that we lose sight of being strong and faithful members of our community. This weekend, I was reminded of the importance of caring for my community, taking an active role in that community, and also trusting that my community will help me when I need it, because when we do these things, amazing things happen. Today, I encourage you to perform an act of kindness that builds up your community.

Let us pray: Dear Lord,Thank you for providing each of us with the BK community. Thank you for each and every opportunity you give us to make a difference in the world around us. Help us to recognize where and what you are calling us to next. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen! 

Tuesday, November 23 - Ashlyn Thomas '22

Today we pray for the grace to deepen our relationship with God, for peace and consolation for those who are affected by the parade tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for safety for those who travel this week, and for 4 special intentions. 

Bishop Kelley, As Thanksgiving is fastly approaching within the next couple of days, I want to ask you all: What if you woke up this morning and had only the things you thanked God for yesterday? 

Think about all the people and things that would be missing from your life today. We often only turn to God in time of need, for it is easier to reflect on the negative rather than the positive. Remembering to thank God for all the good he has put in your life can be difficult. 

This week helps us to be more conscious of many gifts and talents that God has blessed us with and inspires us to give thanks to God and those around us. However, giving thanks should not just be celebrated this week, it should be celebrated every day. Whenever we notice something beautiful, honorable, inspirational, admirational, we should be thankful and give the Glory to God! So, BK, I encourage you all to look around and be thankful for what you have. Remember giving thanks should not just be this week's obligation during Thanksgiving, but should be an everyday obligation. 

Let us pray: Lord, we lift up our grateful hearts to you. Thank you to each of our friends, family members, mentors, and much more. Thank you for the blessing of our Bishop Kelley community. Thank you for the gift of today, and the days ahead of us. Thank you for the intentions we hold in the silence of our hearts. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

Monday, November 29 - Lilly Pinn '23

Today we pray for the grace to be attentive to the Holy Presence of God in our lives during this Advent season, for those who are struggling with chronic illness, and for 4 special intentions. 

Have you ever prayed for something but received an answer you didn't expect or particularly like? Or, have you ever prayed for something but didn't receive an answer fast enough or maybe not at all? I know I've been there, and it has made me wonder if God can hear me. However, we have to remember that God always hears our prayers and the answers we may or may not receive are part of the bigger picture. It is a vital part of our relationship with God to have faith; to have faith regardless of the circumstances. God wants us to have a "even if He doesn't" faith, where we have full faith in Him even if he doesn't answer our prayers how we're expecting Him to. (We are invited to have faith in God even when our prayers aren't answered the way we expected). If we're believing in God but not having faith in Him, are we really believing in Him? If faith is the center of our relationship with the Father, what is our relationship without faith? 

Let us pray: Dear father, challenge us to have faith in you even when we feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled. Remind us to look towards you and seek you through the highlands and the heartaches. Guide our hearts, minds, actions, and prayers especially as we enter the Advent season. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 

Tuesday, November 30 - Madalene Baehler '22

A few days ago I was listening to some music while I was doing some homework, and a song called “This Little Light of Mine” by Addison Road came on. One of the verses went like this: the rains will come and the waters rise, but don't you ever lose your light. In this life you will know love and pain, joy and sorrow, so when it hurts, when times get hard don't forget whose child you are. This verse really spoke to me and was exactly what I needed to hear that day. Each of us has trials and triumphs. We all have struggles and vices that cause us to fall away from God or feel like we are lost causes. At the same time, we all have great qualities and do awesome things that help us and those around us become the people that God created us to be. This song serves as a great reminder that through it all we should continue to push through and share our “light” with the world. Not only should we share our “light” with others, but we must also learn to see the light within ourselves and ask God to help us strengthen our light because we are his children and he cares for us. Today, I encourage you to ask God to help you strengthen your light and find the courage to share it with others!


Let us pray: Dear God, this life can often be crazy. When we are in the midst of a difficult time, help us to see you and lean on the strength that only you provide. When we are living in a beautiful, triumphant time, grant us the ability to share our joy and light with others. Thank you for always catching us when we fall and for always helping us share you with those around us. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

Friday, December 3 - Addie Gehring

Today we pray for the grace to persevere on our studies, for those who participate in the all day adoration, for those sophomores who are going on retreat this weekend, and for 4 special intentions. 


Learning and understanding are two very different things. Learning is being taught a subject or idea by someone else. Understanding is comprehending the ideas being taught to us. God wants us to understand Him and to understand the relationship He wants to have with us. Truly having an understanding relationship with God and with our faith is crucial to grow as Christians. For many of us, we have gone to Catholic school almost our whole lives and have learned about God from our home lives or from school. As we get older though we start to see the necessity of understanding our faith and why we believe in God. There are so many ways to truly try and focus on God and who He is to each of us. Getting involved in the retreats or campus ministry, as well just simply taking five to ten minutes out of your day to talk to Him. You never know He might answer you back right away. 


Let us pray: Dear Lord, help us to see and understand what you are trying to tell today. Inspire us to grow in our relationship with You and see you each and every day. Help us to realize the importance of having a relationship with you. Amen 

Monday, December 6 - Carson Rury '22

Today we pray for the grace to place our confidence in His merciful love, for those who are neglected and abandoned, for the freshman basketball team playing later today, and for 4 special intentions. 

Once upon a time, there was a boy in high school who grew up with bad influences all around him. He was immersed in the material world and took advantage of many worldly pleasures. He also believed in false philosophies and was skeptical of everything around him. This young boy was confused and full of grief and chaos. This scenario is relatable to most of us in high school or anybody facing some tribulation. I know I can relate to feelings of confusion, as if we are searching for something that we can’t seem to find. This young boy moved from place to place within his region and found no fulfillment in his professional or social life. However, he had an epiphany while away from home and embarked on a miraculous conversion to Catholicism after support from his mother. He would go on to become a priest, then a bishop, then a Saint and he is now a doctor of the Church. The young, lost boy grew up to become St Augustine of Hippo. The theme of his autobiography is to return to Christ. We can embark on the same journey as St Augustine. No matter how far you are from God, you can always return home. Part of this return requires admission of guilt but also praise for God’s endless mercy. God is there for you and waiting for you, whether you see it or not. 

So, Bishop Kelley, I challenge you to take a step towards finding a relationship with God or strengthening your relationship with God sometime this week. Whether it’s going to confession, attending a daily mass, praying or simply talking about the faith with a priest, all you have to do is take the first step. God will cover the remaining distance. 

Let us pray: Jesus, help us to see your presence in our lives and recognize your abundant mercy. May we constantly grow closer to you. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen

Tuesday, December 8 - Madalenine Barton '22

Today we pray for the grace to deepen our relationship with God and others, for those who have been hospitalized, for the boy and girl basketball teams playing later today,  and for 4 special intentions. 

Identity is an important aspect of life, which allows us to reach our full potential. Sometimes we join different groups or organizations so that we can fit in. Of course, some groups can be a principle in which we thrive, but other lifestyles can dehumanize us. Instead of finding ourselves, we are losing ourselves, and Our true identity as children of God is jeopardized. 

Through Baptism, we’ve become sons and daughters of the heavenly Father. It does not matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been, whether we are destroyed, broken, or deformed because of our sinfulness, this fundamental truth is never compromised. 

Living in any identity other than children-ship neutralizes us and instead of being “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37), pushing back the devil in our lives and in the lives of others (James 4:7), we are stuck, without hope and slowly we drown in apathy! So today BK, I invite you to put into practice the most fundamental truth about ourselves - We are sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. Let us learn to treat and love others in the very same way that He loves us! 


Let us pray: Thank you heavenly father for your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for elevating us to be your sons and daughters. Help us to be mindful of this fundamental truth, so that being aware of our identity, we may love and serve you with all our hearts. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen. 

Thursday, December 9  - Allison Brewer '22

Today we pray for the grace to finish the quarter strong, for those who are suffering from their mental illnesses, for the boy and girl basketball teams playing later today, and for 4 special intentions. 

Friday has finally arrived. The day that we look forward to all week. Sometimes our weeks feel unbearable and go by slowly because they are packed with homework, tests, projects, sports, clubs, musical rehearsals, and so much more. Stress levels are especially high with grades finalizing and with worrying about the summer homework that has not even been started. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the moments that we focus on the things that worry us and make us anxious. Instead of congratulating ourselves for completing another week of school, we begin to dread the next one. One thing that helps to keep me grounded is one of my friends. This girl is the sweetest person and could never say anything mean even if she tried. Recently, every week she will send me a text on Sunday that will include sending encouragement to me or just even checking up on me. She is one of the reasons why I can survive another week. She makes it seem possible. Her small gesture of care and concern goes a long way. But just imagine if we all did that. If we all checked up on each other and encouraged each other through tough times. Not only could we make someone else feel better, but we would also begin to feel good about lifting someone. We need more people like that in our lives. This is how we can strengthen our community at BK. So, I challenge you to check up on someone and to encourage them to keep their head up. 

Let us pray: Lord, we ask for your help in managing our stresses and anxieties, and we also ask for you to help remind us to be there for one another. We ask this through Christ our Lord. 

Friday, December 10 - Lily Pinn '23

Today we pray for the grace to persevere in our studies, for those who have been hospitalized because of their illnesses, for the sophomore basketball team playing later today, and for 5 special intentions 

With the end of the semester approaching and finals coming up, we are experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety, & uncertainty. Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling like you have nothing left to give, or maybe you’re experiencing burnout. Your faith is lacking, your doubts are overwhelming, and you’re just all around fearful. But there’s good news in this - God can and will help you through it. Joshua 1:9 says, “have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” The same God who encouraged Joshua wants to encourage you too! God is with you always - He is there when you’re finishing up all of your work, He’s there when you’re taking finals, and He’s there every moment of every day. No matter how we may feel, God is aware of the outcome of every situation and circumstance, and He never forsakes those who trust in Him and love Him. You just need to try your best and let God do the rest! 

Let us pray: Lord, when our faith is weak, help us trust in you. When we grow tired, remind us that you are there to encourage us. We pray for perseverance in our studies and for the strength to push through this week. Let us have confidence in your plan and in the strength you provide for us. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.