Uniforms & Dress Code

A concentrated effort by each student to improve his/her appearance usually results in positive changes in attitude and behavior in the classroom and around the school campus. These improvements lead to better academic achievement. For all school wear, the administration reserves the right to determine what is in good taste. Parents and students should insure that a student comes to school in proper attire and appearance.


1. A plaid or solid khaki skirt purchased from school uniform supplier. Skirts must be worn no shorter than 5” from the floor to the bottom of the skirt when kneeling. Skirts must be worn at the waist.

2. Solid khaki slacks: C & J uniform pants will be the reference guideline for color and cut.

3. A white, light blue, or yellow oxford cloth blouse that buttons down the front and has a button down collar. Designer markings on the blouses are not permitted. Blouses are not to be oversized. BK monogrammed ¾ length sleeve oxford blouse purchased at C & J School Uniforms or K. Renee’s Uniform Closet may also be worn.

4. Legwarmers, long or thermal underwear, or tights are not to be worn with skirts.

5. Socks must be white when wearing skirts.


1. A white, light blue or yellow oxford cloth shirt with a button-down collar is to be worn. Designer markings on the shirts are not permitted.

2. Solid khaki slacks: C & J uniform pants will be the reference guideline for color and cut.

3. No earrings, beards, mustaches, or facial hair. Sideburns must not extend below the bottom of the ear.

4. Hair should not extend below the top of the collar nor fall below the eyes.

All Students

1. Full cut black or brown dress shoes should be worn. No sandals, hiking shoes, house shoes, or moccasins are allowed. Tennis or athletic shoes are allowed in P.E. only. Socks are to be worn at all times.

2. No buckles, buttons, or clothing with drug or alcohol related words, symbols, or pictures are to be worn at school or at school activities.

3. Approved Bishop Kelley outerwear shall include BK athletic warm-ups, Kairos and Search sweatshirts, and outerwear purchased at the BKHS Bookstore or the BKHS Booster Club Store. No other coats may be worn during the school day.

4. Hairstyles must be reasonable, modest, and clean.

5. Hair color may be natural hair colors only.

6. Hats or sunglasses are not allowed in school.

7. Shirts and blouses with shirt-tails must be tucked in at all times when at school so that the belt or waistband is visible.

8. Only the top button on shirts may be unbuttoned. Collars must be buttoned. Sleeves must be buttoned or neatly rolled.

9. If a T-shirt is going to be worn, it must be a plain white T-shirt with no visible printing on it.

10. No under garments should extend beyond the length of the uniform shirt.

11. Pants must be worn at the waist and they may not be torn, split, frayed, or slit at the cuff. The bottom hem of slacks may not touch the floor.

12. A plain black or brown dress belt must be worn on slacks that have loops for that purpose.

13. Other than pierced ears for girls, no visible body piercing is allowed.

14. Studded apparel is not acceptable.

15. Visible tattoos are not allowed.

16. Violation of the dress code will result in suspension until the correction is made and a $5 fine. Habitual violations will result in further disciplinary action.

Free Dress

Students will occasionally be provided with free dress days. Appropriate dress is still expected. Some guidelines for these days are as follows:

1. Spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, and house shoes, pajamas and similar style clothing are not allowed.

2. Clothing should not promote drug or alcohol use or be found otherwise offensive.

3. Ripped, torn, or frayed clothing is not allowed.

4. Tunics or other cover-ups of appropriate length should be worn with leggings and tights.

5. Skirts and shorts must be worn no shorter than 5” from the floor to the bottom of the skirt or shorts when kneeling.

6. Dress code policies regarding hair, hats, sunglasses, tattoos, and piercing still apply.


Seniors Only

All BKHS Seniors will receive an approved red monogrammed polo shirt at the beginning of the school year that may be worn on Fridays. Additional approved red shirts may be purchased at the BKHS Spirit Store.

Uniform Providers

Uniforms may be purchased from the following providers. Please keep in mind that C&J Uniform pants are the reference for both boys’ and girls’ color and cut.