Alumni Email Change

Your Bishop Kelley email has changed!

Starting on Monday, July 21st, your Bishop Kelley email changed its domain name. (This domain name change also includes teachers, staff and administrator emails if wanting to contact them.)

Using my email as an example, my email changed from to - NOTE THE DOMAIN HAS CHANGED.

That's it.

Your password will remain the same in this transition.

Know too, if someone sends you an email on Monday to your old address (, you will still receive it at the new one (  The old address will be an alias to your new one...forever.

If questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  If emailing me, I have already converted to the new domain so email me at (but if you send to my old email address, , I will still get it).  If by phone, call 918.627.3390 ext. 159

Daniel Buchanan
Director of Technology