2018-2019 Honors and Recognition

Senior Honors


Kelsey Griffin


Jordan Bachman


Bishop's Medal

Celeste McAtee

National Merit Recognition

Finalists: Graham Chapple, Kelsey Griffin, William Kobos, Edward Liechti and Celeste McAtee

Semifinalist: Andrew Black

Commended Scholars: Michael Hanisch, Reece Harrel, Luke Lewis and Sarah Walter

National Hispanic Scholars

Lillie Burke, Graham Chapple, Kelsey Griffin and Elizabeth Monroe


Department Awards


Ben Freet



Curtis Ruskoski



Outstanding English 9 Honors students:  Madalene Baehler, Bella Thompson

Outstanding English 10 Honors students:  Abigail Hills, Beverly Riley

Outstanding Honors British and World students:  Alex Hsieh, Camille Shelton

        Outstanding AP Language and Composition students:  Graham Chapple, Eddie Liechti 

Outstanding AP Literature students:  Celeste McAtee, Sarah Walter



The Outstanding Honors Stat Award:  Kristen Anthamatten

The Outstanding AP Statistics Award:  Jenna Swords and Jacob Tran

The Outstanding Honors Calculus Student:  Natalie Malloy

The Outstanding AP Calculus AB Student Award:  Blake Bowden 

The Outstanding AP Calculus BC Student Award:  Graham Chapple



Outstanding Biology student: Natalie Malloy

Outstanding Chemistry student: Eddie Liechti 

Outstanding Physics student: Graham Chapple  


Social Studies

Outstanding Pre-AP World student:  Ellie Spielmann

Outstanding Government students:  Alex Hsieh and Jacob Surber

Outstanding AP Psychology student:  Tess Hahn

Outstanding APUS History student:  Brianna Martin 

Overall Outstanding Social Studies student:  Deacon Herndon and Eddie Liechti.


World Languages

        Top French students:  Celeste McAtee and Jordan Bachman

        Top Latin student:  Jacob Surber

        Top Spanish student:  Meagan Knapp


Other Honors

Perfect Attendance

Class of 2019: Gabe Forsberg, Christopher Moss, Kathy Nguyen

Class of 2020: Alex Hsieh, Sammy Jackson 

Class of 2021: Barrett Biggs, Mario Delgadillo, John Ho, Nancy Nguyen, Annie Sabala 

 Class of 2022: Henry Anderson, Madalene Baehler, Tanner Cole, Gracey Hauschildt, Keeley O’Leary, Justin Schrader, Steven Tran, Maddie Wong


Mother Teresa Christian Service Award

Grace Ritchie


Brother Norman McCarthy, FSC Spirituality Award

Boy: Chris Kendrick

Girl: Sadie Boos


Fr. Stanley Rother Award

Boy: Joey Griggs

Girl: Natalie Malloy


Boys State

David Lyons, Ian McCullough, Joe O'Connor, Connor Othon, David Steichen  


Girls State

Jessica Flusche, Ava Olmeda, Tori Payne, Lauren Rocco, Annie Sullivan, Lauren Trinh


Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Leah Brainard, Katie Douglas, Kelsey Griffin, Teresa Hahn,

Daya Meshri, Medina Vandiver