On October 28, 2021, Bishop David Konderla, Chairman, and the Bishop Kelley Board of Directors voted to approve the appointment of Sister Mary Hanah Doak, RSM, as the new president of Bishop Kelley High School, effective December 18, 2021. For the past two years, Father Kastl has carried the responsibility of being the Rector of Holy Family Cathedral and Cathedral school in addition to his responsibilities as president of Bishop Kelley. Seeing this dual role as not feasible for the long term benefit for both communities, the board has been exploring options for school leadership that builds upon the long tradition of religious sitting in the role of the president. 

This led to Bishop Kelley's new partnership with the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan, in the leadership of the school with the 2021-2022 school year and then to the board's decision to appoint Sister Mary Hanah, current Chief Operating Officer, into the role of President. We are excited to welcome Sister Mary Hanah in to this new role and grateful for the leadership of Father Kastl over these past four years. As this transition takes place, Father Kastl will become a member of the Bishop Kelley Board of Directors and serve on the Finance Committee allowing him to continue to serve the school, facilitate a smooth leadership transition, and continue work on capital improvements at Bishop Kelley.