GO for Catholic Schools (“GO”) is a tool that gives Oklahoma taxpayers the power to proactively reallocate a portion of their state income taxes (that must be paid anyway) to benefit the Catholic schools of their choice!


  • GO contributors earn a state income tax credit worth up to 75% of the amount contributed through GO, which directly reduces the income taxes they pay on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
    • Married couples may earn up to a $2,000 credit each calendar year, by making a $2,667 contribution with a two-year written commitment.
    • Single persons may earn up to a $1,000 credit each calendar year, by making a $1,333 contribution with a two-year written commitment.
    • NOTE: Businesses may earn a maximum annual tax credit of $100,000.

How does my contribution benefit Bishop Kelley?

  • GO contributors may designate up to 90% of their total contribution to the Catholic schools of their choice, including Bishop Kelley.
    • The remaining 10% goes to fund scholarships at Catholic schools where the need is greatest, often the feeder schools to Bishop Kelley, but always schools serving a shared mission.

What does GO do with the contributions?

  • Every single dollar contributed to GO for scholarships goes to help students attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma!
    • 90% to the Catholic schools designated by the GO contributor and the remaining 10% to Catholic schools where the need is greatest.
  • GO scholarships are awarded annually to all students (both Catholic and non-Catholic) with a demonstrated financial need for assistance, whose families are working hard to afford a Catholic school education for their children.
    • We estimate that 90% of students currently attending our Catholic schools would qualify for a GO scholarship, making tuition more affordable and our schools more accessible for families.
  • GO is providing 210 scholarships with a total value of at least $204,925 to students at Bishop Kelley High School in the 2019-20 school year.

History of GO Scholarships

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GO Scholarships

                  Bishop Kelley          All Catholic Schools

2013-14:       $ 11,900                          $ 56,675

2014-15:       $ 39,525                          $ 239,825                          

2015-16:       $ 44,400                          $ 298,450

2016-17:       $ 65,450                          $ 344,850

2017-18:       $ 132,100                        $ 557,900

2018-19:       $ 228,375                        $ 708,881

Total:             $ 521,750                        $ 2,206,581

For questions about how GO works for Bishop Kelley, please contact Doug Thomas, Director of Philanthropy at 918.609.7115 or dthomas@bishopkelley.org. For more information, please visit the website: www.GOforcatholicschools.com.