In May 2021, Oklahoma Senate Bill 1080 was signed into law increasing the income tax credits available through Oklahoma's tax credit scholarship program to $50 million per year (with allocations of $25 million to private schools and $25 million to public schools). 

GO for Catholic Schools (“GO”) is a tool that gives Oklahoma taxpayers the power to proactively reallocate a portion of their state income taxes (that must be paid anyway) to benefit the Catholic schools of their choice!


  • GO contributors earn a state income tax credit worth up to 75% of the amount contributed through GO, which directly reduces the income taxes they pay on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
    • Married couples may earn up to a $2,000 credit each calendar year, by making a $2,667 contribution with a two-year written commitment.
    • Single persons may earn up to a $1,000 credit each calendar year, by making a $1,333 contribution with a two-year written commitment.
    • NOTE: Businesses may earn a maximum annual tax credit of $100,000.

How does my contribution benefit Bishop Kelley?

  • GO contributors may designate up to 90% of their total contribution to the Catholic schools of their choice, including Bishop Kelley.
    • The remaining 10% goes to fund scholarships at Catholic schools where the need is greatest, often the feeder schools to Bishop Kelley, but always schools serving a shared mission.

What does GO do with the contributions?

  • Every single dollar contributed to GO for scholarships goes to help students attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma!
    • 90% to the Catholic schools designated by the GO contributor and the remaining 10% to Catholic schools where the need is greatest.
  • GO scholarships are awarded annually to all students (both Catholic and non-Catholic) with a demonstrated financial need for assistance, whose families are working hard to afford a Catholic school education for their children.
    • We estimate that 90% of students currently attending our Catholic schools would qualify for a GO scholarship, making tuition more affordable and our schools more accessible for families.
  • GO is providing 210 scholarships with a total value of at least $204,925 to students at Bishop Kelley High School in the 2019-20 school year.

History of GO Scholarships

For questions about how GO works for Bishop Kelley, please contact Doug Thomas, Director of Philanthropy at 918.609.7115 or For more information, please visit the website: