Giving To Bishop Kelley

Capital Projects
The Championship Drive: Phase III

The Bishop Kelley Stadium has been the site of many glorious moments in Comet sports history.  It stands as a testament to the pride and resourcefulness of thousands of Comet fans and benefactors.  But today, with the Bishop Kelley athletic program competing against the top high school programs across the state, we stand at a crossroads.

In order for Bishop Kelley to keep pace with other high schools in our region, we must make an unprecedented commitment to building facilities worthy of our players, coaches, students, teachers, parents, and alumni.

Bishop Kelley has a strong history of achieving great success in athletics despite limited resources. Many current and former Comet athletes and coaches wear this as a badge of pride, as they should. But imagine the sense of pride that would result, and the success that would follow, when we construct facilities befitting the elite level at which our student-athletes now compete. Click here to learn more.

Prassa Statue Relocation

A portion of the proceeds of the 2018 Angelo Prassa Golf Tournament will go towards relocating the statue commemorating Bishop Kelley's 1981 Football State Championship. The move will be completed when we replace the existing home stands and press box at the stadium. If you are not participating in the tournament you may make a gift here. (Click here if you would like to make a gift to the Angelo Prassa Scholarship Trust.)

Geothermal Pledge Payment
Capital Donations