Student Cyber Day Overview & Guidelines for One or Two Day Campus Closures

  • Philosophy:  The safety of Bishop Kelley students and staff is the primary factor when making decisions about holding school during inclement weather and other foreseen circumstances. Knowing that Bishop Kelley functions as a commuter school (as opposed to a neighborhood school), the school must be realistic about bringing students to campus. The first preference is to keep school open and conduct a traditional school day. However, when conditions warrant, Bishop Kelley will choose to implement a Cyber Day. This will allow students to continue learning without having to travel to campus and without having an impact on the school calendar. Cyber Days will be used in the case of 1 -2 days of the school building being closed. 

  • Guidelines: Cyber Days are announced by the school via text messages as well as school website announcements.  When Bishop Kelley announces a Cyber Day, students should follow these guidelines:

    • Requirement for Students:

      • All classes will have posted assignments for asynchronous learning, which means students will be assigned work they will complete independently.  

      • Students should use Google Classroom to access their “Daily Assignment” which will be due at the beginning of their class the day of returning to school. Please note Other Cyber Day Guidelines below.

      • Teachers may establish times they will be available for email, chat, or other identified help/Q&A during the “Cyber Day” or identify office hours available for students, which will be communicated to students by the teacher on a course by course basis.

    • Other Cyber Day Guidelines:

      • Google Classroom is the portal that will be used for Bishop Kelley Cyber Day to 1) take attendance and 2) post assignments.

      • Work assigned needs to be completed according to the guidelines of the individual classes.  Work posted/assigned, may point students to other online resources.

    • Daily Class Attendance: Attendance will be taken by the attendance office. 

      • All students must respond to the Question of the Day in their grade level Cyber Day Attendance  Google Classroom.  Each grade has its own attendance Google Classroom. All students must access their Grade Level Google Classroom and respond to the Question of the Day before noon to be counted “Present” for the day.  Anyone not responding to the question by 12 noon will be counted absent for the day. They will still be responsible for their classwork, but will have an extra day if the student’s absence is excused.  If a student is marked “Late” on the Attendance Assignment, they are absent from school for the day. This will be reflected in PlusPortals Attendance.

      • Attendance will count toward a student’s 4 X 4

    • 2021-2022 Google Cyberday Attendance Classroom Codes:

      • Freshmen: dfbugfc

      • Sophomores: lwfinla

      • Juniors: I4b2zdt

      • Seniors: m7qzvqi

    • Other questions:

      • Students unable to access assignments due to power-outage or other circumstance, should contact the attendance office and their teacher(s) ASAP

      • Students with a tech question should contact

Long Term Campus Closure

In the case of a continued absence (past two days), Bishop Kelley will switch to a Distance Learning schedule. Each class will hold Google Meets and continue with classroom instruction. The first 45 minutes of class will be used for attendance and instruction. 


8:00 - 9:00 Block A

9:10 - 10:10 Block B

10:20 - 11:20 Block C

11:30 - 12:30 Block D