Christian Service Requirements 

Students are required to accrue 25 Christian Service hours per Academic School Year.

Over the course of four years, 25 hours must be direct service to those experiencing poverty or who are in vulnerable situations. Agencies that serve our impoverished communities are among the opportunities for students to earn poor hours.

The following will not be accepted for Christian Service Hours:

  • volunteering at a for-profit business
  • hours for which the student is paid
  • service at a Mass of obligation (serving, reading, or ushering on a Sunday or Holy Day)
  • hours in which a student receives credit with a different organization or agency
  • the ordinary obligation one has to family, friends, and neighbors
  • Time spent in travel or sleeping on mission trips or out-of-town service experiences


All hours will be recorded by students using their Helper Helper account. Click here to see directions for recording hours.

In order for a student to receive credit for service hours, they must be SERVED, LOGGED, and VALIDATED in the academic quarter in which they were served.

 Any hours not meeting the above criteria by the deadlines listed below, will not be credited to the student.



Summer and 1st Quarter service hours, First Quarter Finals

2nd Quarter service hours, Friday, Second Quarter Finals

3rd Quarter service hours, Tuesday, Third Quarter Finals

4th Quarter service hours, May 30.


Students who do not fulfill their Christian Service requirement will have a hold on their account until the requirement is completed.​​​​​