Bishop Kelley has a number of trips in the works for 2021. This is the information that has been finalized to date: 

Panama City STEM Trip 2021

Sponsoring Group: National Honor Society
Destination: Panama City
Dates for Trip: Spring Break 2021 (3-11-21 to 3-18-21
Who Can Participate: Students in the Class of 2021 or the Class of 2022
Educational Purpose of Trip:
   Panama is where man-made marvels and natural phenomena intersect.  Known as the Bridge of the Americas, Panama’s narrow isthmus connects North and South America and acts as a conduit for biodiversity in this hemisphere. Thanks to this continental crossroads, the country is home to the most diverse flora and fauna in Central America.
   From working alongside practicing scientists on a wetland conservation project to visiting a local research station on the Caribbean coast, learn about how the incredible engineering feat of the Panama Canal impacted the surrounding ecosystems of this Central American oasis.  
What to expect on a STEM tour:
EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Apply STEM principles by participating in project-based learning that goes well beyond theory.
INNOVATIVE LOCATIONS Tour exciting international destinations that host some of the world’s most advanced laboratories, universities, and companies, or are simply perfect global “classrooms” to study analytical issues of the day in real life.
INDUSTRY EXPERTS Collaborate and learn with scientists, engineers, researchers, and other STEM practitioners in the field.
Cost for Trip: $3705.00
Moderators for Trip: Karen Cruice and Elisha Thach
Deadline for Sign-Up: March 31, 2020


NYC Performing Arts 2021

Name of Trip:  Broadway and the Arts

Sponsoring Group:  Music and Drama

Destination: New York City

Dates for Trip:  May 26, 2021 - May 30, 2021  (These are requested dates, but we have to be flexible to leave a few days before or after the 26th)

Educational Purpose of Trip:  Experience music and theater on Broadway, as well as develop a deeper understanding of the city that provides the perfect environment for Broadway to exist and thrive.

Cost for Trip:  $2, 275 

Moderators for Trip: Dana Hoagland and Amy Junger

Deadline for Sign-Up: June 1, 2020