Bishop Kelley COVID-19 Cases

These cases represent those occuring during the BK school year, beginning August 11, 2020.

Latest COVID-19 Updates

City of Tulsa Mask Mandate

The city of Tulsa’s mask mandate will expire on Friday, April 30. The COVID-19 Task force has consulted with leaders at Tulsa Health Department, the superintendent of Catholic Schools, and school district leaders in our area. As a result of our discussions and evaluation, Bishop Kelley High School will maintain its mask-wearing policy for all students, faculty, staff, and guests through the end of the current school year.  

Although the City’s mandate will be lifted, mask wearing in schools remains a top priority for public health. We will join the other schools across the city in this effort for the final weeks of school post-mandate unless other directions are given. 

Moving forward, we plan to have full, in-person classes for the 2021-22 academic year and do not anticipate offering a virtual class option or having a mask requirement for the new school year. While COVID-19 case numbers in Tulsa have continued to fall, we must remain vigilant to protect ourselves and others. The pandemic is ever-evolving, and all plans are subject to change based on available case information and consultation with local health authorities. 

This year has been full of changes and challenges. We appreciate your support and patience as we see this year to a close. We remain hopeful that the 2021-22 school year will offer a renewed sense of spirit and gratitude for all we have overcome together.

Travel Plans During the School Year

In accordance with current THD guidelines, it is strongly encouraged; however not required, to self quarantine following travel especially by plane. Upon return, please monitor symptoms and take extra precautions for 14 days after arrival, and begin quarantine if there was a known, close contact to a COVID positive individual. 

These guidelines are subject to change as we are following current local, state and CDC guidelines. For more information, please review the current guidance from the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the CDC linked below. 

Oklahoma Travel Advisories

CDC Recommendations for Domestic Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC Travel Recommendations by Destination 

Over Spring Break, we urge students to follow COVID safe practices to the best of your ability, avoid parties, large group gatherings, and unnecessary socialization. 

In order to prepare for your student’s return for the fourth quarter, we will continue to track positive covid cases and quarantine over the break.  Please email the School Nurse, Tierney Dower at if your student tests positive or is exposed to an individual and has been asked to quarantine. 

Dear Bishop Kelley Community,
Over the past few months, I have been encouraged by the resilience, cooperation, and commitment of the Bishop Kelley community. I know the first quarter of this year has been full of unseen challenges and uncertainties. The flexibility of the student body, faculty and staff, and parents has been so appreciated. I want to begin by thanking you for staying strong and staying together. We are truly a Comet Family. 

As our community prepares to return for the start of the second quarter, Bishop Kelley is now ready to transition into a full campus model—while remaining equipped to adapt to unexpected developments in dynamic ways, as well as support the needs of our students and families who will require specialized learning models. 

Bishop Kelley has worked hard over the past quarter to implement and refine safety guidelines and protocols which keep students, faculty and staff safe in the classrooms and around campus, while mitigating the risks of community spread or outbreaks. Working with the Tulsa Health Department and local healthcare officials we have been able to effectively manage the risks and our community has acclimated to this “new normal” on campus. 

Bishop Kelley now stands ready to welcome all students back to campus for full in-person classes. This decision has been made after consultation with other schools of similar size and feedback from our Bishop Kelley community, we are confident that through continuing to  follow our practiced protocols we can support the full campus learning model. BK will continue to offer opt-in options for Distance Learning or Hybrid II models to those students and families who do not feel comfortable returning for in-person classes 5 days a week. 

Though our campus will be open to students returning for full in-person classes, we must remain vigilant in our safety protocols. Below we have outlined our guidelines which will remain in place and will continue to serve to protect our community members. I thank you for your adherence to these and your dedication to keeping Bishop Kelley open and healthy. 

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever! 

In Christ,

Rev. Gary Kastl, President

What Will the Full Campus Model Look Like?

Arriving and Departing Campus: Students will be encouraged to arrive and depart from campus within 30 minutes of the start or end of the day. Students waiting for transportation should maintain social distancing outside or in a designated common area that enables social distancing.

Backpacks: To reduce crowded areas, access to student academic locker bays will be limited. Students will be allowed to carry a backpack during the school day.

Classrooms: Students will face the same direction and be spaced out as much as possible. Masks/face coverings will be required in all classrooms and indoor environments.

Lunch: There will be 5 staggered lunch periods to reduce the number of students in dining areas at one time. Masks/face coverings will be required in the cafeteria unless the student is seated in a designated area and eating.

Hallways/Passing Periods: Hallways will run directionally to facilitate loading and unloading of classrooms. Larger shared hallways will be directionally marked (walk on the right). Students should move to their next assigned classroom without gathering in groups or otherwise lingering in hallways or common areas.

Opt-into Hybrid II or Distance Learning

In order to provide the highest possible level of comfort and safety options to our families, Bishop Kelley will continue to provide opt-in options for the Hybrid II and Distance Learning Models. 

All Students wishing to choose one of these models will need to complete the notification form, regardless of whether they already completed one for first quarter. 

For those choosing to continue in the Hybrid II learning model, the schedule will be as follows: 

  • In-person on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday
  • Distance Learning on Tuesday and Thursday

Continue Safety Standards 

Monitor Your Health 

All Students, Faculty and Staff are required to take the Daily Health Screening Survey each morning. The link is texted out daily. These results are crucial to being able to monitor the health of our community. 

For Medical Questions Contact:

 BK School Nurse, Tierney Dower at 918.627.3390 x113 or 

Isolation Policy and Protocol

If a student exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or any infectious illness during the school day, they will immediately leave their classroom and will be escorted (or report) to the designated isolation room in the Nurse's Office where they will be assessed. Students must be picked up within 30 minutes if exhibiting symptoms of infectious illness. Please have a designated safe alternate pick up plan in place in case of delay due to parent work schedule or travel.

Quarantine Guidelines

At Bishop Kelley, we conduct our own internal contact tracing to limit the amount of students, faculty and staff who are exposed and need to quarantine. Our school nurse Tierney Dower has been trained at the national level on the standard contact training procedures and works with the Tulsa Health Department every step of the way. Once a member of the BK community has been identified as a potential COVID-19 case or has tested positive for COVID-19 our school nurse contacts the family to provide instructions and advice, she then interviews them to determine any close contacts they might have had while on campus or at other social events. The investigation looks to identify individuals who were within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes OR had direct physical contact with the positive COVID-19 case. Continue reading for FAQ's and more information about our quarantine guidelines.

We know in the case of a positive or presumed positive case, there are many questions and desires for details. We do our best to provide the most detailed information possible within the guidelines of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Bishop Kelley High School is bound by HIPAA and cannot release any details which could be used to identify the individual. We are committed to providing all necessary updates and notifications to keep community members safe and will continue to provide information to the level allowed by law.

If it has been determined your child was in close contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19, you will be notified by email, and your child must quarantine for 14 days from the date of the last close contact with the individual before returning to school. The notification email will include start and end dates for the quarantine and more details regarding who to contact for questions about distance learning and pausing participation in athletics and extracurricular activities. 

Contact tracing is performed according to guidance from the Tulsa Health Department using methods appropriate for the age level of the positive student. Bishop Kelley has a team of trained contact tracers who utilize questioning of adults and students, seating charts, and any other relevant information.

During the 14-day quarantine period, the Tulsa Health Department and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest your child should remain at home as much as possible. Your child should refrain from having contact with friends or attending any social gatherings.

Click the Picture Below to Enlarge or Download the Chart.  

***A student DOES NOT need to quarantine if they have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days. Proof of a positive test must be submitted. If the positive test occurred beyond 90 days from the date of close contact, the student must complete the required quarantine.***

Learning During Quarantine

Bishop Kelley is committed to providing a high standard of instruction to those students in quarantine and to helping all students succeed during their time away from the classroom.

In extreme cases, it is possible for an entire classroom to be quarantined. If this occurs, the teacher and all students in the affected class will pivot to distance learning for instruction.  

Visit our FAQ page for more information about quarantine requirements.

Covid Testing Overview

Authorized Viral Tests include those that detect COVID-19 nucleic acid or antigen. Viral (nucleic acid or antigen) tests check samples from the respiratory system (such as nasal or oral swabs) or saliva to determine whether COVID-19 is present.  Viral tests are recommended to diagnose an active infection. 

Antibody Tests (blood tests) have not been authorized by the FDA to diagnose COVID-19, and the CDC does not currently recommend using antibody testing for diagnosis of any infection. An Antibody Test will not show active infection, only that an infection may have been present in the past.

In accordance with the Tulsa Health Department and the CDC, Bishop Kelley will NOT accept Antibody Test results as a positive or negative Covid-19 test. 

The link below provides a summary of considerations and current CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 testing strategies. The CDC recommendations for COVID-19 testing have been developed based on what is currently known about COVID-19.

HVAC Systems And Air Ventilation

Bishop Kelley’s HVAC systems are routinely maintained by Tulsa-based Donohue Commercial Service (DCS). DCS technicians visit the Bishop Kelley campus weekly to service and maintain the school’s expansive HVAC systems.  

DCS employees regularly change the filters and ensure that the units are functioning properly. Due to the design of our HVAC system and per DCS expert recommendations, they do not suggest the use of HEPA or MERV 13 filters in BK’s HVAC systems.  The design of the system is not conducive to these types of restrictive filters.   

The current recommendation by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is to use the best filter available taking into consideration the capabilities of the current HVAC systems. MERV 13, HEPA and other highly restrictive filters lead to increased pressure drop which can lead to reduced air flow through the HVAC system and more energy use for the fan to compensate for the increased resistance.

Increasing air ventilation is a recommended alternative for restrictive filters and an important tool for decreasing the risk of the spread of COVID-19. To achieve this at Bishop Kelley, air intake rates have been increased on units that allow for this option. Bishop Kelley has taken measures to increase ventilation in high-traffic areas by keeping classroom doors open during class and building doors open during class changes in conjunction with one-directional hallways.

Mass Gatherings on Campus

Bishop Kelley will continue to maintain its current policy on mass gatherings, athletic events, and other on-campus events. In an effort to limit exposure and risk of COVID-19 spread, attendance at these types of events will be limited and social distancing will be enforced as much as possible. All other health and safety protocols will also be implemented.

Bishop Kelley's goal is to mitigate risk and keep classes open and operating. By reducing as much risk for COVID-19 community spread and outbreaks as possible, we will be able to keep students and teachers in classrooms. Large group gatherings that are not essential to the school's operations will therefore be modified to prevent these risks. 

Campus Visitors & Volunteers

All visitors are asked to follow health protocols while on our campus; including, wearing a mask during your visit. Prior to your visit to Bishop Kelley, please monitor your health by answering the following questions: Do you have one or more of the following?

  • Chills or Fever
  • Cough - new or worsening
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fatigue, muscle or body aches
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Recent (within 14 days) exposure to COVID-19

Please reschedule your visit if the answer is YES to any of the above questions.  

Upon arrival, guests will check in at the new Main Office in the Mary Queen of Peace (MQP) Building. If visitors do not have a mask, one will be provided.