BK Community Health Values

Stay Healthy.       Stay in Class.       Stay Together. 

The threat of Covid-19 continues to be present in our minds and community. We all must remain vigilant and work together to protect ourselves and our neighbors—allowing us to stay in class and school activities.

  • Monitor yourself for illness and Covid-like symptoms: If you are experiencing any symptoms STAY HOME and contact the BK Nurse’s Office.
  • Limit Risk of Exposure: Avoid unnecessary large group or densely populated gatherings. Masks can help reduce exposure risks when social distancing is not possible.
  • Do Your Part: Be diligent in protecting and promoting your own health so our school community can remain healthy and stay in school.

Latest COVID-19 Updates

Weekly COVID-19 Case Tracker 

In an effort to keep all students, parents, faculty, and staff informed and updated on all the latest COVID-19 developments, we will be publishing the most accurate COVID-19 case counts on a weekly basis. These numbers will be updated every Friday of the 2021-22 school year beginning on August 13, 2021. 

Campus Experience and Safety Protocols 

Bishop Kelley is currently operating with full, in-person classes and campus life at near-normal procedures and practices. Over the past year, we have fine-tuned our COVID-19 safety procedures and are ready to implement them when and if necessary. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Masks are recommended but are not required for students and staff.

  • Classrooms will continue at full capacity.

  • Unless in quarantine or isolation, students will not have the option to choose Distance Learning. 

  • Bishop Kelley will continue to conduct contact tracing to identify close contacts and exposures to COVID-19. 

  • Campus activities (i.e. academics, athletics, student activities, theater) will continue in their normal, pre-COVID capacities. 

  • Bishop Kelley will continue to monitor the health situation and cases will implement safety protocols as needed. 

Continue to Monitor Your Health 

For Medical Questions Contact:

 BK School Nurse, Tierney Dower at 918.627.3390 x113 or tdower@bishopkelley.org 

Close Contact Guidelines

Parents and Students will be notified by email when a child is identified as close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Individuals who are identified as close contacts should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. If symptom-free, Bishop Kelley does not require a quarantine period; however, it is highly recommended that individuals identified as a close contact wear a mask for 10 days following exposure. 

Though not required, students may choose to self-quarantine with no penalty. If choosing to self-quarantine, the BK Nurse or Head Athletic Trainer must be notified and the student may not participate in athletics or school activities during the 5 days quarantine from the date of the last close contact. After 5 days, the student may return to BK activities wearing a mask for an additional 5 days. 

If symptoms develop at any time during the 10 days following exposure, students should stay home and immediately contact the BK Nurse’s Office. Though not required, if you choose to take a COVID-19 test, CDC recommends waiting until Day 5 or later after exposure. 

Contact tracing is performed according to guidance from the Tulsa Health Department using methods appropriate for the age level of the positive student. Bishop Kelley has a team of trained contact tracers who utilize questioning of adults and students, seating charts, and any other relevant information.

Long Term Absences

Bishop Kelley is committed to providing a high standard of instruction to those students in quarantine and to helping all students succeed during their time away from the classroom.

Long Term Absences for students who must quarantine because of COVID-19 are managed on an individual basis.  Students will work with their teachers and the Vice Principal in developing a plan which will include distance learning through both synchronous (Google Meets) and asynchronous instruction.  

Isolation Policy and Protocol

If a student exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or any infectious illness during the school day, they should immediately leave their classroom and report to the designated isolation room in the Nurse's Office where they will be assessed. Students must be picked up within 30 minutes if exhibiting symptoms of infectious illness. Please have a designated safe alternate pick up plan in place in case of delay due to parent work schedule or travel.

Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to complete a 5-day isolation period beginning with symptom onset (or positive test). If on Day 6, the individual is symptom free, they may return to school and regular activities but must wear a mask for an additional 5 days. Upon returning to school, students must meet with the Bishop Kelley Nurse for clearance. If symptoms persist for longer than 5 days, students must remain in isolation and contact the nurse’s office for further instructions.

COVID-19 Vaccination

If you are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit the links below for more information or to schedule your appointment. 

COVID Testing Overview

In order to opt into any shortened quarantine guidelines, a negative COVID-19 test result from an accepted testing source will need to be approved by Bishop Kelley High School's Nursing Office. Here are the guidelines on which COVID tests will be accepted: 

Authorized Viral Tests include those that detect COVID-19 nucleic acid or antigen. Viral (nucleic acid or antigen) tests check samples from the respiratory system (such as nasal or oral swabs) or saliva to determine whether COVID-19 is present.  Viral tests are recommended to diagnose an active infection. 

Antibody Tests (blood tests) have not been authorized by the FDA to diagnose COVID-19, and the CDC does not currently recommend using antibody testing for diagnosis of any infection. An Antibody Test will not show active infection, only that an infection may have been present in the past.

In accordance with the Tulsa Health Department and the CDC, Bishop Kelley will NOT accept Antibody Test results as a positive or negative COVID-19 test. 

Over the counter home COVID test kits will not be accepted as a negative test result, as they are not recommended for use to reduce quarantine in the school setting.

The link below provides a summary of considerations and current CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 testing strategies. The CDC recommendations for COVID-19 testing have been developed based on what is currently known about COVID-19.


Visit the Tulsa Health Department COVID test request site for information on testing sites near you: www.tulsa-health.org/request-covid-19-test

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