2022-23 Tuition Rates

Standard Tuition Rate: $12,870.00
Catholics Supporting a Parish Rate*: $10,570.00

   * Bishop Kelley will send a list to the parish of record to confirm that your parish considers you in good standing.  Bishop Kelley does not place any conditions on this designation.  If there are any questions from the parish, Bishop Kelley will notify the family to contact their parish directly. For tuition questions, please email Christine Downs at cdowns@bishopkelley.org or call 918.609.7198.

Other Fees (Grades 9-11 / Grade 12)
Activity Fee: $25 / $0
Administrative Fee: $45 / $45
Technology/Book Fee: $300 / $300
Classroom Supplies Fee: $85 / $85
Drug & Alcohol Testing Fee: $95 / $95
Memorial Fund Fee: $50 / $50
Senior Fee: $0 / $150
Standardized Testing Fee: $30 / $0
Yearbook Fee: $65 / $65 
Total Fees: $695 / $790 

Payment Plans
Check out the menus below for a breakdown of tuition payment options.

Any balance remaining after July 31, 2022, will be moved to 3rd Party Provider and the school will send the family an invitation to sign up for one of the payment plans listed above.  All payment plans must be set up before August 5, 2022.  

  • Enrollment/Re-Enrollment takes place each year in February.  The purpose of this process is two-fold.
    • This helps the school update or capture any pertinent information related to your child.
    • This helps the school estimate enrollment and determine staffing needs.
  • The cost of enrollment/re-Enrollment is $250 annually. 
    • The Business Office will invoice with in7 business days of enrollment form turn-in 
    • This can be paid through Plus Portals (credit card) or directly to the Business Office (cash or check).

Student Withdrawals & Tuition Refunds 

If a student wishes to withdraw from Bishop Kelley, they must first contact the Registrar at registrar@bishopkelley.org or call 918-627-3390 x141 to begin the withdrawal process.

If a student withdraws for any reason after the first scheduled school day, your tuition, and any tuition assistance award, will be prorated on a semester basis. The registration fee is non-refundable. 

  • If your student has attended Bishop Kelley for one day, and then withdraws, you will be responsible for the full semester’s tuition. 
  • If your student has begun attending second-semester classes, you will be responsible for that full semester’s tuition. 
  • The balance will be due at the time of withdrawal. 
  • Student records and transcripts will be released only after the balance is paid in full.