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Our Mission

The mission of Bishop Kelley High School is to carry on the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ by providing a Catholic, Lasallian education that develops individuals whose hearts and minds are prepared for a purposeful life.

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Our School and Community

Since 1960, Bishop Kelley High School has served as the only Catholic Diocesan high school in Tulsa. Bishop Kelley operates on a two-term, 4x4 block schedule. Each student is required to take comprehensive exams for each core course. The professional staff at Bishop Kelley includes 81 teachers, counselors, administrators and specialists. We have three diocesan priests and one Christian Brother. Half of the faculty have advanced degrees; 46% have more than 10 years teaching experience at Bishop Kelley High School.

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Grades 9 - 12 students: 937

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 12:1

Average Class Size: 18

All classes have 26 or fewer students.

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Grading Scale/Graduation Requirements


A - 100-90 (5 Honors, 4 Regular)

B - 89-80 (4 Honors, 3 Regular)

C - 79-70 (3 Honors, 2 Regular)

D - 69-65 (2 Honors, 1 Regular)

F - 64-0 (0 Honors, 0 Regular)


Bishop Kelley requires 28 units for graduation and at least 100 Christian Service hours completed over the course of four years.

English | 4

Mathematics | 4

Social Studies | 4

Computers | 1

Communication | 1

Financial Literacy | 0.5

Theology | 4

Science | 3

Physical Education | 1

Fine Arts | 1

Electives | 4.5

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Honors, AP and Summer Course Options

Bishop Kelley does not rank students. A Valedictorian and

Salutatorian are recognized for each class.

Bishop Kelley offers an outstanding Scholars Program and

advanced curriculum including the following Honors classes:


English 9 Honors

English 10 Honors

Algebra I Honors

Geometry Honors

Algebra II Honors

Pre-Calculus Honors

Calculus Honors

Statistics Honors

Competitive Debate

Competitive Speech

British & World Literature

U.S. History Honors

Modern World History Honors

Biology I Honors

Chemistry I Honors

French III

French IV

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Latin III


AP English Language & Composition

AP English Literature & Composition

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

AP European History

AP Government & Politics: U.S.

AP U.S. History

AP Psychology

AP Studio Art: Drawing

AP Studio Art: 2-D

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics I

AP Physics II

AP Environmental Science

AP Spanish Language

AP French Language

Summer courses allow students to get ahead in their education and free up credit hours during the school year for extracurriculars. Classes include various Theology courses, Oklahoma History, Design, Ecology, Computer Science, Forensic Science, Financial Literacy, and many more.

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Brother Bernardine Scholars Program

The Brother Bernardine Scholars program is a four-year program that challenges students to strive for excellence and to maximize their God-given gifts and talents.

Students must pursue a rigorous course of study, participate in self-directed learning, view learning as a year-round process, and attend enrichment seminars and cultural events. Scholars must take an average of three Honors or AP classes each year, including freshmen year, while maintaining a weighted 3.75 cumulative G.P.A. Each Scholar must take five AP tests by the end of their senior year.

In order to show that they are using their God-given talents, Scholars must complete sixteen tutoring hours by the end of their senior year. Scholars must complete a sophomore research paper directed by the sophomore Scholar coordinator. The Capstone project must be completed during the junior year and presented in the senior year.

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Blessed Stanley Rother Academic Support Program

The mission of the Blessed Stanley Rother Academic Support Program is to provide services to ensure that students with disabilities are offered a challenging, faith-based education with high expectations of academic, social and spiritual growth in an environment of love and acceptance.

In addition to academic support programming, students will be assisted by Peer Tutors and Peer Mentors in the classroom. Peers will participate in a class where they will be taught about learning challenges, strategies to assist peers and will receive credit for the curricular class.

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Recent Achievements

The Bishop Kelley Class of 2019 had five National Merit Finalist, four Commended Scholars, one student who achieved a perfect ACT score, and 12 student-athletes who signed leteters of intent.

In 2018-2019, 197 candidates took 355 Advanced Placement tests. 82% scored a 3 or above. Bishop Kelley had 76 AP Scholars.

In 2018, ACT Mean Scores from students were: English 25.4, Math 23.6, Reading 24.4, Science 23.6 and Composite 24.4. 214 students in the Class of 2018 took the ACT.

Typically, over 98% of Bishop Kelley students have gone imediately to college. Some of the institutions who, over the last four years, have accepted BIshop kelley students, include:

Air Force Academy

Baylor University

Belmont University

Benedictine College

Boston College

Case Western Reserve

Colorado School of Mines

Cornell University

Creighton University

Dartmouth College

Florida State University

Fordham University

George Mason University

Georgetown University

Harvard College

Hendrix College

High Point

Lewis University

Loyola University - Chicago


Oberlin College

Ohio State University

Oklahoma State University

Pepperdine University

Pomona College

Princeton University

Purdue University

Rice University

Seton Hall

Stanford University

St. Louis University

Southern Methodist


Texas A&M

Texas Christian University

Trinity University

Tulane University

University of Southern


University of Alabama

University of Arkansas

University of Chicago

University of Dallas

University of Denver

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Kansas

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Missouri

UNC - Chapel Hill

University of Oklahoma

University of Texas

University of Tulsa

Vanderbilt University

Washington University

West Point Academy

Yale University