Director of Admissions

Patricia Thompson Bush, a 1982 graduate of Bishop Kelley High School, has been named BK’s Director of Admissions, effective immediately.   

A 1986 honors graduate of Oklahoma State University, Patti is the parent of two current BK students and has been actively involved in the BK community for the past 36 years.

Patti fills the role formerly held by Jane Oberste, a long-time teacher and Director of Admissions at Bishop Kelley through December of 2017, who led Bishop Kelley to great success in Admissions.  Since the first of the year, Patti has been assisting in the Office of Admissions along with Deb Butler who has admirably served as BK’s Interim Director of Admissions while holding down her full-time role as Executive Assistant at BKHS.

“We are excited to attract someone of Patti’s high character level,” said BK President, Fr. Gary Kastl.  Patti has a long history of volunteering at Bishop Kelley and St. Pius X Catholic School and she very much knows the school and the families we serve.”

Much of her new role will involve promoting the school to students at BK’s traditional feeder schools as well as to students coming from many other schools.  BK’s current student body comes from 56 different zip codes including many from communities in adjoining counties and some from communities even farther away.

“Through previous sales positions she held within the financial and human resources sectors, Patti has a wealth of experience in knowing how to promote a great product,” said Doug Thomas, Director of Advancement.  “Patti will strive to advance Bishop Kelley to keep enrollment strong by continuing to serve students from Catholic backgrounds as well as those from other faith traditions.”

Bishop Kelley High School currently boasts a total enrollment of 925 students and is the largest non-public high school in Oklahoma.

“Even though I’ve been working more hours this semester as a volunteer and more recently on a full-time basis in the Admissions Department, I feel as if I am now coming home to Bishop Kelley,” said Patti.  “I’m very excited to take on this new challenge in promoting a school that I very much love and respect.”