Why Bishop Kelley High School?

The mission of Bishop Kelley High School is to carry on the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ by providing a Catholic, Lasallian education that develops individuals whose hearts and minds are prepared for a purposeful life.


What is the average class size and student-teachers ratio?

The average class size is no more than 25 students per class, with an overall student teacher ratio of 12:1.


How can I visit the campus?

Bishop Kelley holds an annual Open House in the fall.  If you are unable to attend the Open House you may schedule a Campus Tour which is offered weekly by appointment.  Shadowing is also available to prospective students. You can schedule a shadow visit or campus tour here.


Do you Accept Non-Catholic Students?

Bishop Kelley accepts applications from students of all religious backgrounds.  Theology courses are taught from a Catholic perspective and all students are expected to participate in liturgies and prayer services.


How does the school view questions about gender identity?

Bishop Kelley seeks to achieve a “both/and” balance which embraces both the objective order of human sexuality based on natural law and understood in Catholic anthropology as well as providing a school environment which promotes respectfully walking with students who have questions about their gender identity. Please contact Principal Jim Franz (jfranz@bishopkelley.org) with any questions. 


Is Financial Aid Available?

Families may apply for financial aid on the Bishop Kelley website through FACTS.  Financial aid at Bishop Kelley is need-based: Academic and Athletic Scholarships are not offered.  Click here to complete the FACTS application online.

For business office questions, please contact:


What is the Blessed Stanley Rother Academic Support Program? 

The mission of the Blessed Stanley Rother Academic Support Program is to provide services to ensure that students with additional learning needs are offered a challenging, faith-based education with high expectations of academic, social and spiritual growth in an environment of love and acceptance.  Each student/family requesting admission to the program will participate in an evaluation process to determine if the support and resources are available and are in the best interest of the student, family and learning community. To learn more, visit the Academic Support page.

For Academic Support questions, please contact Pat Hinson at phinson@bishopkelley.org.

What is the Brother Bernadine Scholars Program? 

The Brother Bernadine Scholars Program is a four-year program that challenges students to strive for excellence and maximize their God-given gifts and talents.  Students must pursue a rigorous course of study, participate in self-directed learning, attend enrichment seminars and cultural events. To learn more, visit the Scholars page.