A Bishop Kelley Graduate:


Faith in the Presence of God
  • Understands Catholic traditions and strives to live the truths of the gospel
  • Has the tools to make morally, ethically, and spiritually responsible decisions


Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Is inspired to serve others

  • Is a good steward of God’s creation


Respect for All Persons
  • Is respectful to all human life from conception to natural death

  • Understands and respects the diversity of thought and culture

  • Is able to interact in meaningful ways with a global community

  • Is a good steward of one’s own gifts and talents


Quality Education
  • Is a creative, critical thinker and innovative problem solver

  • Effectively communicates ideas and beliefs, both formally and informally

  • Is resilient in dealing with conflict and obstacles

  • Demonstrates responsible use of technology to create, communicate and collaborate

  • Is intentionally responsible for his/her own growth and is committed to lifelong learning


Inclusive Community
  • Is socially conscious of others’ needs and able to respond in appropriate ways

  • Works for the common good of his/her communities