As a school, our mission is to carry on the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was and is the greatest of teachers, and we strive to learn as much as possible from him, so that we can share his truth with those around us.

Bishop Kelley provides a course of study in theology that includes two quarterlong courses each school year.  We teach the Catholic faith, recognizing that many of our students come from various religious traditions and experiences. The Catholic Christian faith informs all subjects of study, but the theology department shares the richness and depth and heart of this live-giving faith with all students, some of whom may be just beginning to ask the essential questions about who God is and what difference he makes.  

The theology department seeks to prompt these critical questions, and offer true and relevant answers from our tradition.  We communicate these through diverse sources of Catholic spirituality, and through an ongoing analysis of how Christianity has influenced our culture, through the lives of saints, through liturgy and the sacraments, and through all kinds of art.  But ultimately we share the faith of our own lives, lived within the vibrant community of believers at Bishop Kelley.  

In these ways and others we advance the mission of Bishop Kelley High School, by helping to provide a Catholic, Lasallian education that develops individuals whose hearts and minds are prepared for a purposeful life.  We invite you to get to know our work better by studying our course offerings and standards.  And please do not hesitate to reach us personally.  Thank you and God bless you!