A Letter From the Math Department Chair


Welcome to the Bishop Kelley Math Department!

Bishop Kelley High School offers three levels of math for each math course so there is a class to meet everyone’s needs.  Our math courses range from Pre-Algebra all the way up to AP Calculus BC.  

For incoming freshmen, math course placement is based on the Bishop Kelley Placement Exam.  However, should you want to take a course different than the recommended course, a supplemental math test is offered in April.  Additionally, supplemental summer sessions are available for students in all levels of math, free of charge. Information regarding these summer sessions is sent out with the email that notifies students and parents of final math placement and also contains the summer math packet.  

If you are interested in the honors math program, please the brochure here that goes into detail regarding our honors math program. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


In Christ,

Susan Edmondson