Please find the full course descriptions for our fall 2019 classes below.

Theology Department

Theology 1: Intro to Catholicism

Theology 2: Old Testament

Theology 3: Salvation History

Theology 4: The Church

Theology 5: Catholic Morality

Theology 6: Catholic Social Teaching

Theology 7: Sacraments & Vocations

Theology 8: Catholicism in the World

Senior Catechist Seminar

Church History

Lives of the Saints

Catholic Justice in Action (Summer)


English Department

Grammar and Composition

English 9

English 9 A

English 9 Honors

English 10

English 10 A

English 10 Honors

English 11

English 11 A

British and World Literature Honors

AP English Language and Composition

English 12

English 12 A Composition

English 12 A Literature

AP English Literature and Composition

Creative Writing 


Mathematics Department


Algebra I (Four Quarters)

Algebra I A 

Algebra I Honors


Geometry A 

Geometry Honors

Algebra II 

Algebra II A 

Algebra II Honors


Trigonometry with Pre-Calculus 

Pre-Calc Honors 

Algebra III 

Concurrent Precalculus 1 

Intro. to Statistics

Statistics Honors

AP Statistics

Calculus Honors

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


Science Department

Biology I 

Biology IA 

Biology I Honors 

Biology II: Anatomy I

Biology II: Anatomy II

Biology II: Biotechnology

Biology II: Ecology

Biology II: Human Biology and Disease

Biology II: Microbiology

Biology II: Zoology

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science

Chemistry I 

Chemistry IA 

Chemistry I Honors

Chemistry II: Inorganic

AP Chemistry

Forensic Science

Physical Science

Physics I 

AP Physics 1 and 2

Research Methods

Honors Biology 

Honors Chemistry I

Honors Chemistry I 

STEM Robotics


Social Studies

Foundations of the Modern World

Foundations of Modern World Honors

Oklahoma History

Current Events

Modern World History 

Modern World History Honors

AP World History


AP Government and Politics: US


AP Psychology


Modern US History

U. S. History 

US History Honors

AP US History

History of World War II

History Seminar: Russian History

AP European History



World Languages

French I 

French II 

French III Honors

French IV Honors

French Conversation

AP French Language and Culture

Latin I 

Latin II 

Latin III Honors

AP Latin IV

Spanish I 

Spanish II 

Spanish III Honors

Spanish IV Honors

Spanish Conversation

AP Spanish Language and Culture



Athletic Trainer

Fitness for Life

Lifetime Fitness (Online)


Fine Arts

Art I: Basic Design

Art II: Ceramics I

Art III: Ceramics II Intermediate

Art III: Ceramics II: Pottery

Art III: Ceramics II Sculpture

ART II: Drawing I

ART III: Drawing II

ART II: Painting I

Art III: Painting II

Studio Art-2 Dimensional

Studio Art-3-dimensional

Studio Art II - 2 dimensional

Studio Art II-3 dimensional

AP 2-D Art and Design

AP Drawing

Drama 1: Principles of Drama

Drama 2: Acting I

Drama 3: Acting II

Drama 2: Competitive Acting

Musical Theatre

Drama 2: Play Production I

Drama 3: Play Production II

Choir: Concert I

Choir: Concert II

Choir: Concert III Advanced

Choir:  Mens

Music Appreciation

Music Theory

Drum I: Intro to Percussion

Drum II: Drumline

Guitar I: Beginner

Guitar II: Intermediate

Guitar III: Advanced

Piano Lab I

Piano Lab II

Piano Lab III

Strings 1

Strings 2

String Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

Film and Society


AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

Art 1: Basic Design 

Regular and Honors Competitive Speech, Debate and Acting

Intro. to Debate


Competitive Debate

Competitive Debate Honors

Speech I

Speech II

Competitive Speech

Competitive Speech Honors

Intro to Journalism

Computer Practicum: BK Media I

Computer Practicum: BK Media II

Computer Practicum: BK Media III

Computer Practicum: BK Media IV

Computer Practicum: Yearbook I 


Computer Practicum: Yearbook II



Accounting I 

Accounting II 

Business and Personal Law



AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics


Personal Financial Literacy

Financial Lit (Online)

Trial Procedure

Computer Literacy

Computer Practicum

Computer Practicum: Data Management

Computer Science I  

Computer Science II

Info Systems and Technology


AP Computer Science

Computer Applications


Computer Literacy 

Business Computers Speech Honors



ACT/SAT Test Prep

Instructional Strategies

Peer Mentor

Peer Tutor