View the 2022-2023 Course Catalog here.

View the 2021-2022 Course Catalog here.

Curriculum Structure

We operate on a 4x4 block schedule, with students attending four 85-minute classes each day, earning ½ unit of credit in each class every quarter. Over the course of four years, students have the opportunity to earn 32 credits (28 are required for graduation).

The block schedule offers students the opportunity to meet graduation and college entrance requirements with plenty of time for exploring new disciplines or focusing intently on an area of special interest.

Bishop Kelley offers an outstanding Advanced Placement and Honors curriculum with more than 30 courses across different disciplines. With a broad range of distinctive programs and activities, Bishop Kelley challenges and nurtures young people with differing ability levels in a safe, supportive environment.

Summer School

Summer School is not credit recovery. It gives the student an opportunity to earn a ½ credit (one class) or 1 credit (two classes) which could allow for more flexibility in the student’s schedule in future years. It’s a great opportunity to meet some new classmates too.

A number of terrific options are available this summer. Please consult pages 26-27 in the Course Catalog for course offerings and page 28 for a complete listing with dates and times.

Parents must complete the Enrollment Contract prior to enrolling in summer school.  (Parents and guardians will receive a link for summer school once they have completed enrollment for 2021/2022.) Incoming 9th graders will be allowed to enroll in summer school beginning March 1st.

Check out the video below for a tutorial on navigating the course request portal.