Two Bishop Kelley students in the Class of 2020 earned the coveted distinction of being Advanced Placement (AP) National Scholars.  Students who earn this honor score at least a “4” on eight or more national AP tests.  Marian Nguyen and Elena Lawson received this honor for their extraordinary performance on the AP tests they took during their sophomore, junior and senior years at Bishop Kelley.  Marian scored an average of 4.67 on nine AP tests, while Elena scored an average of 4.75 on eight AP tests.

In addition, seventeen Bishop Kelley students were named as AP Scholars with Honors ( scores of “3” or better on five or more AP exams and an average of 3.5 on all AP exams taken), seventeen more as AP Scholars with Distinction ( Scores of “3” or better on four or more AP exams and an average of 3.25 on all AP exams taken) and another forty-three students as AP Scholars (Scores of “3” or better on three or more AP exams).  

In all, seventy-nine Bishop Kelley students were singled out by the College Board for their stellar performance on Advanced Placement exams.  

AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5 with a “passing” score considered to be a “3” or higher.  Bishop Kelley offers students AP exams in nineteen different subject areas.  AP tests, developed by college and university professors, are considered among the most rigorous college-preparatory exams for high school students today.

Bishop Kelley National AP Scholars
Elena Lawson  |  Marian Nguyen
Bishop Kelley AP Scholars with Honors
Ella R.  Austin  |  Brooks E. Benson  |  Jack A. Chapin  |  Jessica N. Flusche
Luke Griffin  |  Caleb S. McCullough  |  Hannah T. McFarlane
Brandon Q. Nguyen  |  Connor W. Othon  |  Jack L. Sowell  |  Ellie I. Spielmann
Anne K. Sullivan  |  Madison W. Taylor  |  William P. Thomas  |  Teresa H. Tran
Keane P. VanTrease  |  Ronald C. White

Bishop Kelley AP Scholars with Distinction
Sophia J. Ames  |  Joshua C. Asombrado  |  Lindsey K. Bandl  |  Sabina M. Busch
Ava C. Ernst  |  Taylor B. Foster  |  Teresa M. Hahn  |  Andrew J. Hennessee
Alex W. Hsieh  |  Elena J. Lawson  |  Marian Nguyen  |  Victoria N. Payne
August L. Ralson  |  Lauren P. Rocco  |  Caroline R. Snapp  |  David J. Steichen
Jacob P. Surber
Bishop Kelley AP Scholars
Samuel P. Alaback  |  Emma K. Applegate  |  Madeleine G. Barone
Benjamin P. Bernard  |  Leah K. Brainerd  |  Jack E. Chamberlain
Anna K. Crotwell  |  Meaghan K. Cyr  |  Evelyn Y. Davie  |  Anthony M. Fatigante
Luke W. Forsberg  |  Doyle C. Gehring  |  Grace I. Griffin  |  Abigail A. Hills
Quang Ho  |  John T. Hornak  |  Sophia J. Jackson  |  Garrett S. Johnson
Ella J. Leavitt  |  David K. Lyons  |  Cameron L. Major  |  Morgan D. Markus
Lauren G. Miles  |  Erin A. Miller-Laquerre  |  Abigale D. Mink  |  Lucas B. Nagode
Tyler A. Nguyen  |  Delaney A. Powell  |  Aliya A. Rayl  |  Beverly A. Riley
Elizabeth R. Say  |  Gabriella R. Schultz  |  Camille B. Shelton  |  Gregory M. Shildt
Joseph M. Srour  |  John M. Steichen  |  Sarah K. Synar  |  Jenna P. Thomas
Lauren C. Trinh  |  Margaret A. Turner  |  Ian T. Warlick  |  Bailey E. Wollmershauser 
Kate M. Woodard