Career Internship Program

The career internship program gives seniors the opportunity to explore career options while still in high school. Students can apply their learned subject matter in a work environment that appeals to them. While taking part in daily business operations, students develop a practical understanding of the professional workplace. The Career Internship program can also help students begin evaluating their vocational interests.

Tulsa Technology Center

Tulsa Technology Center provides an extension to our curriculum by offering juniors and seniors the opportunity for cutting-edge training in a variety of areas, including programs leading to college credit.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is a great opportunity for Bishop Kelley students to earn college credit while attending classes on a local college campus. Any senior who meets the college’s requirements can pursue concurrent enrollment after school or in the evening. Students also may be able to take a college class during the school day. Interested students should contact their guidance counselor.

The policies that follow apply to Bishop Kelley students who wish to enroll in a college class that meets during the school day in lieu of enrolling in 8 credits for the school year.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the challenge of college-level instruction and the opportunity to earn college credit through the national AP Exams.

Bishop Kelley offers a number of AP courses, and we encourage all students who think they can qualify for an AP course to try to do so. Research shows that participation in an AP program while in high school gives students an edge in college, and students who successfully complete AP classes in high school are more likely to complete a college degree.

However, these courses are difficult and fast-paced. Students must be prepared to complete one or two hours of homework each night for each AP class. Therefore, students should carefully consider their abilities and outside commitments before enrolling in an AP class.