Who to See at Bishop Kelley


The following list is provided as an aid to students and parents concerning questions about Bishop Kelley

High School. Additional information is contained in the Handbook for Parents & Students.

Absences/Tardies/Discipline Mr. Jeff Pratt - Dean of Students

Academics Mr. Jim Franz - Principal

Academic Counseling/Scheduling

     Ms. Kelly Jennings  (A - G)

     Mrs. Macee Clayton (H - O)

     Mr. Joey Beuchat (P - Z)

Academic Progress/Probation Mr. Jim Franz - Principal

ACT/SAT Information Ms. Maureen Lawler

Admissions Mrs. Patti Bush, Mrs. Lindsey Jensen

Alumni Director Ms. Katherine Devonshire

Athletic Director Mr. Lance Parks

Assistant Athletic Director Mrs. Jade Allison 

Backpack Mr. Daniel Buchanan

Business Manager Mr. Rick Musto

Carpools/Transportation Mr. Jeff Pratt – Dean of Students

Chaplains Rev. Duy Nguyen, Rev. David Webb

Christian Service Jerri Berna

Classroom Concerns

     Classroom Teacher, Counselors

     Mr. Jim Franz - Principal

Co-curricular Eligibility Ms. Judith McMasters – Principal

College Counseling 

      Ms. Debbie Cogan (A-L)

      Ms. Maureen Lawler (M-Z)

Drug & Alcohol Education

     Mr. Jeff Pratt

Giving to BK Mr. Doug Thomas, Director of Philanthropy


     Mrs. Shari Stone-Fredericks

     Mrs. Debbie Briedwell

Monday Parent Emails Ms. Margaret Jones

Newsletter Ms. Lauren Hillenberg

Personal Counseling

     Mr. Joey Beuchat, Mrs. Macee Clayton

     Ms. Kelly Jennings

PTO President Mrs. Pam Rhodes

Public Relations/Media Ms. Lauren Hillenberg

Registrar Mrs. Lindsey Jensen | Fax: 918-609-7184

Retreats Ms. Sarah Dicks, Mrs. Jerri Berna

Scholars Mr. Jim Franz - Principal; Mr. Colin Manning - Scholars Program Director

School Visitors and Tours Mrs. Patti Bush, Mrs. Lindsey Jensen

Shadow Visits Mrs. Lindsey Jensen

Spectrum/Rainbows Mrs. Macee Clayton

Spirit Store Ms. Katherine Devonshire

Student Activities

     Mr. Gary Oberste – Dean of Student Activities

     Mrs. Maggie Gabel

Superintendent of Schools Mr. Jim Pohlman

Transcripts Mrs. Lindsey Jensen

Tuition/Financial Mr. Rick Musto and Ms. Chris Downs

Website Ms. Lauren Hillenberg, Ms. Margaret Jones, Mr. Dan Schmitz, Mr. Daniel Buchanan