Planned Giving



One effective and convenient way for Bishop Kelley supporters to help the school grow its endowment is through planned gifts. To help increase our planned giving, Bishop Kelley has partnered with the Tulsa Community Foundation and the Advancement Group. The Tulsa Community Foundation recently challenged its partner agencies to secure new planned gifts of $100,000 or more over an 18-month period. As a result of Bishop Kelley meeting the challenge goal, we received $20,000 from TCF for the Bishop Kelley Endowment Trust. The challenge was a wonderful success for the Tulsa area with $40M raised among 43 agencies. We are particularly pleased that Bishop Kelley raised close to $1M of that total in new planned gifts over the course of the 18-month challenge, and we have since raised an additional $1M. These gifts will greatly benefit future Bishop Kelley students.

The need to grow our endowment through planned giving is continual. Each year, Bishop Kelley and nearly 60 other Tulsa-area non-profit agencies secure the services of The Advancement Group. Mark Loeber and Chris Miller are outstanding professionals who specialize in helping donors establish wills and trusts to benefit family members, charities, and other entities. As an extension of the BK Advancement Office, their services are free to you if you decide to leave a portion of your estate to BK, even an amount as small as 2% of the value of your estate. In doing so, you would help Kelley build its endowment which provides significant interest income that currently funds over one-third of our annual tuition assistance dollars.  

  • The value of our endowment is currently $6.2M and our goal is to grow it to $20M by 2020; that way, we can assure that Bishop Kelley will be here to serve our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for another 54 years and beyond.

If you already have an estate plan in place, Mark and Chris at TAG will offer a ‘free look’ at your current plan and may identify a gift strategy that would increase your financial benefits to your family and to the charities you support. The review may decrease taxes to the donor and/or the family as well.

At the donor’s request, The Advancement Group will keep any and all information confidential, even to the institutions which will one day benefit from the donor’s foresight and generosity. When a gift is made, the donor has the opportunity to disclose as much or as little regarding the gift amount or their name as they were comfortable with. 

The Advancement Group is a free charitable financial and estate planning service to those connected with BK. If you would like to consider a planned gift, please contact The Advancement Group at 918.491.0079 or Doug Thomas, Director of Advancement at 918.609.7115 or at .

Visit the  Tulsa Community Foundation's website for more information about their Planned Giving Partnership program.