Absences/Tardies/Discipline: Mr. Jeff Pratt, Dean of Students

Academics: Mr. Jim Franz, Principal

Academic Counseling/Scheduling: Ms. Kelly Jennings  (A - G), Mrs. Macee Clayton (H - O) or Mr. Joey Beuchat (P - Z)

Academic Progress/Probation: Mr. Jim Franz, Principal

Academic Support: Mrs. Pat Hinson, Dean of Academic Support

ACT/SAT Information: Ms. Maureen Lawler

Admissions: Mrs. Patti Bush

Alumni Database: Ms. Margaret Jones

Alumni Relations: Ms. Sharia Smith

Athletic Director: Mr. Lance Parks

Assistant Athletic Director: Mrs. Jerri Berna

Business Manager: Mr. Rick Musto

Carpools/Transportation: Mr. Jeff Pratt - Dean of Students

Chaplain: Rev. Duy Nguyen

Christian Service: Ms. Sarah Dicks

Classroom Concerns: Classroom Teacher, Academic Counselors, and Mr. Jim Franz, Principal

College Counseling: Ms. Debbie Cogan (A-L) and Ms. Maureen Lawler (M-Z)

Drug & Alcohol Education:  Mr. Jeff Pratt, Dean of Students

Giving to BK: Mr. Doug Thomas, Director of Philanthropy

Inclusive Education: Mrs. Pat Hinson, Dean of Academic Support

Monday Parent Emails: Ms. Margaret Jones

Newsletter: Mrs. Candace Maggard

Personal Counseling: Mr. Joey Beuchat, Mrs. Macee Clayton, and Ms. Kelly Jennings

PTO President:  Mrs. Jill Cole

Public Relations/Media: Mrs. Candace Maggard

Retreats: Ms. Sarah Dicks and Mrs. Jerri Berna

Scholars: Mrs. Christine Tyler, Scholars Program Director and Mr. Jim Franz, Principal

School Visitors and Tours: Mrs. Patti Bush

Shadow Visits: Mrs. Patti Bush

Spectrum/Rainbows: Mrs. Macee Clayton

Spirit Store: Mr. Justin Robinson

Student Activities: Mr. Gary Oberste, Dean of Student Activities and Mrs. Maggie Gabel

Superintendent of Schools: Mr. David Dean

Transcripts: Mrs. Marisa Claybaugh

Tuition/Financial: Mr. Rick Musto and Ms. Chris Downs

Website: Mrs. Candace Maggard or Ms. Margaret Jones