Employee Recognition

Parents and guardians are asked to help select the Faculty Member of the Month through Backpack. Among the questions to consider:

Does the teacher/counselor make him or herself available to students outside of the normal school day?
Have you heard students talk about an intriguing project or an interesting assignment the teacher has used? 
Do you keep hearing the teacher/counselor's name repeatedly among students (in a good way)?
What are some of the things that students are saying? 
In what other ways have you see the teacher/counselor "go the extra mile"?

Teacher of the Month 2018/2019

August - Troy Tokarchik
September - Eric Roepke
October -  Jamie Alexander
November - Jeana Sutton
December - JJ Tappana
January - Susan Furr
February - Maria Monhaut
March - Trevor Parks '08
April - Frances Fitzgerald
May - Maggie Cameron Gabel '00

Staff Member of the Quarter 2018/2019

1st Quarter - Marisa Claybaugh
2nd Quarter - Alicia Berry
3rd Quarter - Margaret Jones
4th Quarter - Chris Downs '83

The Brother Roland Santi Memorial Award

The Brother Roland Santi Memorial Award is presented each year to the faculty member who best exemplifies those qualities and characteristics of outstanding teaching, dedication, and commitment. This teacher "goes the extra mile" to see that the students meet with academic success. The recipient of this award is selected by the faculty and is chosen from those teachers recognized throughout the year as a "Teacher of the Month".

2018/2019 Recipient

Maggie Cameron Gabel '00

The De La Salle Award

The De La Salle Award is presented each year to the faculty member who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Christian Brothers and Patron of All Christian Teachers. This recipient has witnessed to the gospel values and principles, and has exhibited the spirit of faith and zeal, characterized in the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

2018/2019 Recipient

Medea Bendel '90

2018/2019 Milestones

Retirements: Thank you to those teachers and staff who are retiring this year:

    • Judith McMasters, 27 years
    • Blake Abbott, 23 years
    • Jane Bender, 20 years
    • Lee Ann Parrish, 5 years

Congratulations to those teachers who achieve milestones for their service to Bishop Kelley this year:

    • 30 Years
      • Dan Schmitz
    • 20 Years
      • Medea Bendel
      • Elizabeth  Gathright
      • Jeana Sutton
      • Troy Tokarchik
      • Amy Vaughan
    •  15 Years
      • Brian Begnel
      • Erin Clark
      • Susan Edmondson
      • Shawn Lawhorn
    •  10 Years
      • Mandi Schooley
    •  5 Years
      • Alicia Berry
      • Karen Cruice
      • Tierney Dower
      • Tracy Edmiston
      • Lane Frailey
      • Rich Goss
      • Russ Hembrey
      • Kelly Jennings
      • Meg Kanatzar
      • Trevor Parks
      • John Simons
    • First Year Completed:
      • Aaron Alonso
      • Katy Moylan
      • Terry Stupp