In the words of Pope Saint John Paul II, “At stake is the dignity of the human person, whose defense and promotion have been entrusted to us by the Creator.” As members of the human race, we share in the precious gift of life which has become the fundamental right of all humanity; not because of our ethnicity, merits, or heritages but because Our Creator has created us in His own image and likeness with inherent worth and dignity. This gift of human dignity belongs to the Almighty God and no person has the power or right to destroy it. 

While our world, nation and community have been struggling to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic, we now face tremendous pain and grief in the wake of the senseless deaths of George Floyd and the many other men and women who have suffered the scourge of racism and injustice.

Racial injustice, violence and brutality, in any form, is an offense against human dignity and against God. Our nation and society must work together in solidarity to heal the brokenness and deep pain caused by these atrocities. As a Lasallian Catholic community, we at Bishop Kelley, are reminded of what our values call us to be; to be people of faith dedicated to building integrated communities, showing respect for all persons, concerned for the poor and social justice and committed to education which prepares hearts and minds for purposeful life. During this time, we are called to pray, listen, and learn about the evils of racism and the ways our society does not uphold human dignity, but we must go even further. We resonate with the message of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “Indifference is not an option.” 

We know our students, faculty and community members are using their voices to take a stand to end injustice and violence in our country. We applaud this and furthermore encourage our community to join together in unity and take action to promote justice and peace. 

We stand with you. 


Join us in praying for healing, peace and justice.

USCCB Prayer to Overcome Racism

St. Francis of Assisi Prayer for Peace

Holy Rosary for Justice and Peace





In an effort to grow, we want to listen to the experiences of our BK community. If you have ever experienced prejudice on our campus, we want to know your story. Share your experiences and prayer intentions at





Join us in a commitment to stay informed and to grow in our understanding of injustice. Here are some additional statements and available resources:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Open Wide Our Hearts

Pope Francis Condemns Racism

At Bishop Kelley High School, we are committed to create an environment where all races and ethnicities are respected and valued as equals within the community. Our school wide goal for the 2019-2020 year has been to understand and respect the diversity of thought, culture and abilities through the lens of the Catholic Church. We reaffirm this goal and pledge to go even further in the next year. We stand in solidarity with our Black and marginalized brothers and sisters within the BK family and those across our nation, and leave you with this prayer for peace, healing and transformational and systemic change. 

Enflame our hearts with the fire of Your love
That we may build bonds of relationship and respect among all people. 
May we always recognize the precious gift of life and defend the dignity of each person. 
Grant us Your peace in our world, society and families. 
Mary Queen of Peace, Pray for us.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever.