Senior Class Legacy Gift


Seniors have the opportunity to leave behind a positive legacy at BKHS.  Specifically, you can make a small gift over four years to the Senior Class Legacy Gift, a tradition started by the 2015 senior class.

The Senior Class Legacy Gift is both a chance for each class member to make a lasting gift in honor of their time here, as well as recognize the generosity of those who came before them.

This year’s senior class legacy gift will be the establishment of BK’s first-ever flag plaza in front of the MQP main entrance that will be highly visible from the U Drive. This plaza will feature three flagpoles, standing at 35’ feet. Each pole will host the American flag, the Vatican flag and the Oklahoma flag. The triangular-shaped base of the plaza will also feature solar-powered lighting for each flag and landscaping. It will be elevated 18 inches above the ground to allow for signage that will acknowledge that the project was funded entirely by students from the Class of 2017.  

The flag plaza will be similar to the new flag plaza at St. Pius X School (shown above), however Bishop Kelley’s will be
elevated and feature landscaping and signage recognizing that it was
funded entirely by students from the Class of 2017.

Our goal is to ask seniors to make a $100 pledge to the project, with $25 of this gift made during this semester (the sooner the better). After this semester the BK Advancement Office will send students $25 pledge reminders in 2018, ‘19, and ‘20.  This will insure that your name will be listed in four consecutive BK Annual Reports (mailed out to 10,000 constituents) in hopes of creating a philanthropic habit toward giving back to BK.

You can notify the Alumni Office of your participation in 3 different ways:

1)   Bring your completed 2017 Senior Class Gift Pledge Form to the Alumni Office, located in the Business Office.

2)   Mail the 2017 Senior Class Gift Pledge Form to the Alumni Office, Bishop Kelley, 3905 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, Ok, 74135.

3)   Click here to make your pledge online.


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