2019 Senior Class Legacy Gift

The Senior Class Legacy Gift provides an opportunity for the class to make a lasting gift in honor of their time at BKHS while recognizing the generosity of those who came before them and setting a good example for those who follow them.  

At the request of Father Kastl, the legacy gift will go toward the mission of the school.

The overall mission of the school includes projects to offer spiritual formation, promote academic excellence, offer additional tuition assistance, and so much more. Gifts will help us improve facilities, purchase state of the art equipment, and recruit/retain outstanding faculty – all to make the lives of our students better.

Once seniors in the class of ‘19 have made their gift, it will be acknowledged on the donor wall next to the plaque honoring the senior class legacy gift provided by members of the class of ‘16.

It’s our hope that soon-to-be alumni will contribute to the 2019 Senior Class Legacy Gift (during their senior year) and make a pledge over the following three years. We suggest a gift of $25/year for 4 years, for a total of $100. However, our goal is for 100% participation by the Senior class. Each gift, no matter the size, counts and is important to the future of the school.

The school will mail pledge reminders annually to members of the Class of 2019 in order to aid them in fulfilling this pledge. We encourage a gift spread out over four years in hopes of creating a stronger culture of philanthropy and a habit of giving among BK alumni.


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