Chromebook Insurance Program 2019-2020

Optional Annual Chromebook Insurance Program

Bishop Kelley High School offers a limited insurance policy to provide coverage for most types of damage, loss or theft of the school-issued Chromebook. Parents/guardians may opt into this program through a $20.00 annual, non-refundable payment per device. Bishop Kelley expects all students to keep Chromebooks in good working order. Each student is responsible for his/her own Chromebook.

Effective Coverage Date and Expiration

Effective coverage date begins on August 1, 2019. Expiration coverage date is July 31, 2020.  


  • Repair/replacement of the school-issued device. (See inclusions, details, and exclusions listed below). 
  • All damage incidents and approvals for repair/replacement will be investigated and authorized by Brian Ross, Network Systems Administrator. 
  • Damage or loss/theft must be reported within 72 hours of the incident.


Coverage inclusions

  • This program covers the cost of 100% of the first claim on any individual repair or device replacement (police report is required for lost/stolen device – see details below).
  • The cost of a second claim for the same repair/replacement will be 50% of the total cost.
  • A cost of a third or additional claim for the same repair/replacement will be the responsibility of parents/guardians.
  • If no claims are submitted within the first year, you will receive a second year of insurance at no additional cost.


Loaner Devices

  • Bishop Kelley repairs all devices on–site. When a device is turned in for repair, a loaner Chromebook is provided to the student.
  • A loaner device is available in the event of a lost or stolen Chromebook. (A police report is required before a loaner device may be checked out). 
  • Loaner devices are not available to students who leave their Chromebooks at home or fail to charge them properly.


Typical Repair/Replacement Parts/Costs:



Chromebook (Stolen/Lost device with a police report)


Charge Cord




Hinge Cap












  • How often should I expect to have an issue?
    The Chromebooks are rugged, sturdy devices that are designed for the classroom environment.  However, most of the damage seen is due to negligence, inattentiveness, and general carelessness.
    A vast majority of our students have had no issue this year.

  • Why get insurance then?   
    Great question:  You and your child are the best equipped to determine the need.  This insurance can help defray some significant costs.

How does it work ?

 Jimmy has insurance. He loses his charger.  He gets it replaced at no cost [it is a covered 1st claim for the charger].  A month later, he drops the Chromebook and cracks the screen.  He gets it replaced at no cost [it is a covered 1st claim for the screen].   In April, he drops it again and breaks the screen.  He has to pay $20 [50% of the $40 cost] as this is the 2nd occurrence for the screen.

 Johnny does not have insurance. He loses his charger.  He gets it replaced for $10 [50% of the $20 cost].  A month later, he drops the Chromebook and cracks the screen.  He gets it replaced for $20 [50% of the $40 cost]. In April, he drops it again and breaks the screen.  He has to pay $40 [100% of the cost]. Johnny loses the Chromebook, he is responsible for the replacement cost.

  • Why do I have to pay anything?
    Each Chromebook is a tool in the teaching handbook of our teachers, similar to a book, video, or Smartboard.  These items have to last in order to keep costs down. BK has been able to give each student a Chromebook without raising fees.  This is dependent on students taking care of the device with which they were entrusted. 


Coverage Details

  • Accidental damage: Covers damages caused by drops, spills, and any other unintentional event.
  • Theft/Missing: Covers loss or damages due to theft/missing device. In the event of theft/missing, the claim requires a police report to be filed.
  • Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance: We will not cover loss or damage where the only proof of loss is unexplained or is caused by the disappearance of property without the knowledge as to place, time or manner of its loss. If your property was stolen, you are required to notify the police immediately upon discovery. This policy does not provide coverage if you fail to notify the police.
  • Fire: Covers loss or damages caused by fire. In the event of a fire, the claim must contain an official file report from authorities.
  • Electrical: Covers damages caused by electrical surges.
  • Natural Disaster: Covers loss or damage in the event of a natural disaster.


Coverage Exclusions

  • Dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts: Coverage is not provided if damage or loss occurs in conjunction with an intentional, dishonest, fraudulent, negligent, or criminal act.
  • Unapproved Use: Damage caused by the use of or installation of non-approved applications, non-approved software, and non-approved accessories which alters the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Abuse and Neglect: Damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, or by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use described in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Pet: Damage as a result of a pet.
  • Unauthorized User: Damage caused by loaning the tablet or charger to another student or unauthorized user.