Choosing A High School

There are many outstanding educational institutions in our area (and thanks be to God for that!), but there isn’t another school like Bishop Kelley. We care for the spiritual well-being of our students and help them grow in faith. We offer an academic environment that encourages scholarship and college preparedness, yet is open to a variety of learners. We have a strong school community where student involvement in clubs, activities, the arts, and athletics is the norm.

We would love to have you become part of this outstanding, faith and spirit-filled school community. You can learn more about the admissions process through the links on this page. You can also contact Patti Bush, Director of Admissions, at to ask questions. To schedule a shadow visit please click here.

Bishop Kelley High School is one of the premier Catholic schools in Oklahoma. We believe that we are also one of the premier high schools in the nation, based on our students’ collective academic and athletic success. But, as you’ll discover, academics and athletics are only part of the Bishop Kelley story.

I look forward to meeting you.

In Christ,

Rev. Gary Kastl, President