Board of Directors

The Bishop Kelley Board of Directors constitutes the policy making body of Bishop Kelley High School. The Board of Directors is comprised of no less than 5 and no more than 25 voting members and a few ex-officio members. Members are representative of the various constituencies of the Bishop Kelley community, including parishes, alumni, current parents, past parents, friends and benefactors, and pastors. Members are appointed by the Bishop based upon the recommendations made by the Governance Committee. Board members serve a three-year term and may be renewed for one or two additional terms. The Board conducts five regular meetings and holds special sessions as necessary. Standing committees of the Board are the Executive Committee, Budget, Finance and Audit Committee, Advancement Committee, Governance Committee, and the Catholic Mission Committee.  The duties of the Board are to:

  1. To oversee the management of Bishop Kelley High School, Inc.
  2. Establish policies that reflect the school’s mission and ensure that these policies are made available to parents, students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Establish criteria for and to evaluate the progress of the school.
  4. Plan for future directions and development.
  5. Approve the budget and financial policies.
  6. In the event of a vacancy in the position of President of the school, select and recommend to the Bishop the appointment of a new President.
  7. Articulate the educational mission of the school.
  8. Oversee the maintenance of the physical plant.


Bishop Kelley High School Board of Directors 2018-2019


Most Reverend David A. Konderla, Bishop of Tulsa – Chairman  Mrs. Deb Thalken - Vice-Chairman  Dr. Janet Bassett – Interim Superintendent, Catholic Schools 
 Mrs. Sharon Anthamatten  Mr. Darryl Christner   Mr. Tom Flanagan '97
Mr. Harrison Garlick, J.D. – Chancellor of the Diocese of Tulsa  Rev. Matthew Gerlach '88 – Pastor Representative  Mrs. Adriana Gonzalez

Rev. Elkin Gonzalez  – Vicar General of the Diocese of Tulsa  Mr. Robert Leikam '02   Mr. Richard Little
 Mr. Steven Plaisance- Board Treasurer  Mrs. Jeanne Smith Mr. Sid Swinson '73 – Board Secretary 
Mrs. Lisa Swords  Mr. J. Thomas   


Ex-Officio Members

  • Rev. Gary Kastl – President
  • Mr. Jim Franz – Principal